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Xbox 360 & PS3 "DICE Owned" Servers Quadrupled.

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2012-08-31 15:46
T0TALfps said:
We have heard your wish for more official DICE servers. As of now, we have effectively quadrupled them on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Thank you TOTAL!
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Neckbone78 said:
One thing I want to know: are any of these servers single mode? Conquest only servers could be fun for hours, but throw in Rush and TDM and I'm not interested.

Nope. All the new servers are mixed mode, and empty. C'mon DICE, quit halfway listening! At least make a few of those new servers single mode, in each region!

I'm seeing DICE Conquest-only servers (Epic Battles) available, but they are all empty. They don't seem to show up in the server browser so nobody knows they're there.

: (
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1. The DiCE servers need to be the ONLY servers quick match will let you join. That will get the numbers up.
2. The rotations need to be PURE (i.e. ALL one type of map. None of this 'conquest then rush then tdm' crap)
3. There should be a DiCE filter in the server browser ON BY DEFAULT so we can FIND THEM.
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2012-09-02 18:34
sweet, i guess...could use a patch, though
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2012-09-03 15:49
edtemp said:
Well done. Getting tired of abusive server admins.
U mad bro yolo
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2012-09-03 17:14
edtemp said:
Well done. Getting tired of abusive server admins.

Wow, now we can get through a game without getting kicked because you shot the admins or his friend to many times.

"RENT A SERVER" in my opinion RUINED BATTLEFIELD3! Admins kicking players because they like to play as a team, and capture objectives, and KILL the opposing team members? BULLSHIT! We need DICE to pull all rented servers off the RANKED list, and only populate the OFFICIAL DICE SERVERS when default is "FIND GAME" in any mode! Playing on PS3, and rented servers and dickhead admins, are making the game UNPLAYABLE! I haven't turned on BF3 in a week now. PLEASE FIX THIS? Dice know what is going on. I know DICE is teamed with EA, but that doesn't mean MONEY GRUBBING at the detriment to the game (like most other EA games do) is GOOD! Too many glitches lately also, but that's another post... Please fix BF3? I miss playing. DICE SERVERS ARE ALL EMPTY ON PS3 AS WELL.
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2012-09-05 07:16
SirVer said:
F##K you admins!!! haha in YO face!! sad mofos kicks skilled players cause they get owned.

I don't think I could of said it better myself. I understand these people pay for the server, but they shouldn't be able to abuse the gaming community.some of these games last two hours, then you get kicked right before the end and lose your game points and double XP as well.
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2012-09-06 18:05
how do i get into tournaments
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2012-09-09 03:00
Finally, a way around the little kid admins that make playing bf3 against the server rules
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2012-09-10 09:35
would be nice to get onto a single game type server, thats not owned by someone that kicks you out cause his "buddy" wants to play and the game is full, or admin kills you when your actually doing well for a change, and dumps you on the other team.
that said, umm.. do you think we could maybe have more folk playing on them?.. no use have 100's of DICE servers if they are all empty!
apart from that, I'm really enjoying BF3, keep up the good work.

p.s., would like to see more infantry only servers, I know I'm a noob, but in games with vehicles, it just turns into a big ol' demolition darby!, thanks
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2012-09-10 09:54
WoodrowO333O said:
Why is it that when i search for a DICE server i only get 91 and none of them have people on them? The filter search doesnt work when searching for a server. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

same here? dice whats going on here
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jump into a 2 player start one(if that even exists) and practice flying until it populates? thats how i always end up in a decent game; and if you get kicked you still get your points after the game finishes and battlelog updates usually a few minutes...(i dont always pick dice) why i get kicked def not due to my skill; perhaps the lack
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2012-09-10 13:14
I seen one that said French only, no Americans. I guess they don't want us to play because they would surrender to easy.

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2012-09-10 13:51
Hardcore players also?
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2012-09-10 14:49
Just saying i dnt give a shit what none of you say,i CANT F*********** WAIT for Armour kill im so exited i think i might jizz all over my 50 inch plasma and ma xbox then shit ma pants with exitment then jizz back all over my stuff,i cant wait ea/dice SUPERB AUGUST CONTENT DROP WAS TURD BUT MIGHT I SAY UVE REDEAMED URESELF im so exited i think i might shit my pants write NOW!
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2012-09-10 15:03
I haven't been kicked from a server in 4 weeks. Everyone has a favorite button use it and stop bitching.
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2012-09-10 15:05
They need to add a filter to quick search, then the DICE servers will be up and running.
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2012-09-10 15:13
ynerfmines said:
They need to add a filter to quick search, then the DICE servers will be up and running.

That's your first mistake don't use quick search, try playing on clan servers. I haven't used quick server option since private servers went active. I like to see the server I'm going to join if none of my servers or favorite servers are active.
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2012-09-11 14:18
Please just add the ability to play ALL of your maps in ONE playlist (gamemode specific) on a server made by DICE/EA with the standard rules.. Why do I even have to ask for this?

If I want to play Rush, I want to select a map to start on then have that continue through ALL available maps (expansions included)
If I want to play Conquest, I want to select a map to start on then have that continue through ALL available maps (expansions included)

To me, purchasing an expansion should simply be extending the playlist & lifespan of the game.. NOT segmenting the community into smaller & smaller groups of unfulfilled people.

Honestly.. is the being done intentionally? remove the basic structure of the core game to the point where the only option appears to be purchashing our own servers to make the game you did at the start?
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I've mentioned this a few times now via theses forums, twitter, facebook etc. I play on XBox 360 and there are currently no Official DICE servers that run the new map rotations with EUROPE as their region. All of them are currently US, a few are ASIA and I think I might have even seen one for AUSTRALIA. NONE are EUROPE. Just to clarify, it is the servers that run ALL OUT RUSH, Armored Kill Rush only etc. (I did notice earlier that the number of DICE servers showing up in the search page were significantly less than what they were yesterday so maybe, fingers crossed, Dice are sorting the issue out.)

Can I also suggest that the DICE servers be changed to less than 8 players to start?
I think people have become so accustomed to (having had no other option but to) playing in rented servers that run 2 player start etc that nobody has the patience anymore to simply wait in the Dice servers.

Another suggestion is having the option to choose that Quick Match only enters you into Dice/Ea servers.

A large section of the BF community want DICE servers yet they aren't filling up...force people onto a diet of crap for long enough and that becomes what they're used to. Many Xbox players, I imagine, simply aren't aware that the Dice servers have swelled in number. Perhaps you should put a message through that little info box above battlefeed on the main know the one that informed us about double xp ending 31 Aug a full week after it ended. It actually might still be saying it.

The reason I'm posting all of this is because I am fed up being kicked, team switched and banned from servers simply for killing an admin. Too many, in my honest opinion are effectively cheating through these means. Also, it's a bit ridiculous to come across ranked servers that have rules such as banning weapons. Most laughable one I've seen runs Armored Kill maps and bans C4, IGLAs, Stingers, Javelins and Soflams. Do Dice/Ea actively read through any of these servers on a daily basis that completely mock the ToS that Dice/EA are meant to uphold? I see the same ones day in and day out running just fine with the same nonsensical rules.

I should add...I love Battlefield games. I'm not knocking rent-a-server per say. I agree that if someone rents a server they should be able to kick someone so they can add their friends into the game.

I'm saying that something needs to be done about the admin that abuse and cheat (just because you're not hacking doesn't mean you aren't cheating.)
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