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How to move BF3 from one Hard drive to another

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2012-10-04 19:29
Ok so I had to figure this one out myself, it took a while to get it working, but its possible without having to re-download everything. This can also work if you need to reinstall Battlefield 3, maybe after changing your boot disk, but you still have all the game files backed up somewhere.

I purchased an SSD and wanted to move it there, but its not that easy. Sometimes it may start redownloading everything and actually delete the original files if not done right, I had to copy and paste things 3 times until I figured it out.


How to move Battlefield 3 from one Hard Drive to Another (SSDs)

1. First things first, on your new drive create a directory similar to your C:\ drive. For example: Program Files (x86)\Origin Games

2. Open up Origin, and go to Origin>Application Settings. In General you'll find "Download Games". Showing where games will be downloaded to. Press the CHANGE button and select your new hard drive.

A screen should show up saying it will download games there from now on, but original games will not be moved.

3. Open up your original BF3 location, and rename the folder to something else. (I.E. Battlefield 3-1)

4. Close Origin

5. Copy and paste the Battlefield 3 folder to your new drive, this may take a while since its around 20+ GB. And make sure its set back to "Battlefield 3"

6. Open up Origin, and right click on Battlefield 3 game on "My Games" You'll see the Play button isnt there, and it will show "Download". Press Download and continue, agree with conditions and whatnot. And If everything went well it should instantly jump to 100%.

7. From there it might take a bit, and it will start installing again. After a while (few minutes for me) it will start re-downloading the updates. Just cancel the update downloads, as you should already have them (if not copy and paste the "Update" folder to your new directory

8. Restart Origin, and click "Check for Updates". It should say if BF3 is ready, or it will replace any small missing files.


And thats it!
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2012-10-04 19:33
there are other ways too but to add to above post if you have any problems after all the advice above just repair install
Google is your friend
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2012-12-06 22:23

Thanks for that man. Youre a star.

It worked a treat.

I was down to 3.5GB on my boot drive SSD and didnt have enough room for the AM update.

After doing the move and checking it all worked, its now just over 71% through the AM download.

I've also managed to free up 30.5 GB on my SSD .

I owe you a drink!


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2013-01-16 12:02
helps me alot

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2013-02-23 21:58
Good Job!!
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2013-02-24 00:40
Wish you could have 2 locations, (ie) most played games on (C drive) ssd, and not so important games on (E drive)2nd sata drive. .
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2013-03-01 04:10
Mine keeps forcing me to redownload everything....
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2013-03-03 12:32
Oh god finally
I had 10 bytes of memory left in my main C:/ drive
After doing the above procedure 15 times it worked
If I tried to download the whole thing it would have taken at least a month
I don't know how to thank you
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2013-03-03 12:37
Marky-Gee1979 said:
Wish you could have 2 locations, (ie) most played games on (C drive) ssd, and not so important games on (E drive)2nd sata drive. .

U could use this, []
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2013-03-07 10:00
It worked like a charm!!! I was about to make both of my ssd dynamic, but after reading a lot about loosing data, I searched on how to move it to a new drive, and this is where I ended up. So painless, it is unbelievable!!!

Thank you!!!
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2013-03-09 17:38
worked a treat for me, thanks!!!!
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2013-03-10 08:02 , edited 2013-03-10 08:05 by ironglare
can the transfer also work from my old laptop (windows7 Ultimate) to my new laptop (windows8) ? just aquired a MSI GT60 which runs windows 8
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2013-03-13 17:45
Works great. Thank alot.
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2013-03-18 18:22
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2013-03-19 05:40
Thx man!!!!! U like a boss
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2013-04-30 00:12
You're the man dude! It works very good =)
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2013-05-13 23:19
you're a champion - thanks
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2013-05-13 23:25
Stickying this thread for others.

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2013-05-17 02:56
Will this method work for transferring BF3 from one computer to another?
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2013-05-21 00:14

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