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How to move BF3 from one Hard drive to another

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Move Battlefield in your trash can, this is the fucking game of shit...
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thanks a lot!

used this to transfer bf3 and crysis 3 to another drive.

easy az :)
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2013-09-29 00:04
Thank you sir.
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2013-10-02 16:26
They should make this easier. Like put a "Move game" option in Origin.
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It works! Thank you ver much!
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Thank you for this thread! :) I asume I can do this from and SSD to and 1tb hard drive aswell ? :O

When I move BF3 to my 1TB hard drive and when I buy BF4 and putting it on my SSD can I still play both games without any problems?
I'm thinking about when I have to set a new folder location... Well I basicly asking can I play both BF3 and 4 when they are on two diffrent hard drives?
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ok, it worked fine, but what do I do when I wanna install BF4 on the same SSD?

because I changed the download/install location in Origin to the "new bf3" folder on the first SSD, but what do I do if I install BF4? will it install in that BF3 folder as well? or can I point that somewhere else?

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My internet is dieing just when battlefield 4 came out so i am asking if i can take a external harddrive and take it to a friends house and use his pc to download the game to the Ext. HDD. And then use this method to install the game to my own pc harddrive. Will it work?
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2013-11-03 06:52
Well this is the difficult way to download it you can just use a symbolic link much easier and no weird renaming. []
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so when i try and launch a game it opens up a command promt makert as "cmd" help;
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thank you so much dude :)
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Thank you so much!!!

Helped alot
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Excellent work. Thank you.
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2014-01-19 10:58
Dont try this on battlefield 4, when you move your files then it deletes them!! when you open up origin and try to redowload.
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i could ride you now after that
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I did this process and when I click on a server to play, the BF3 Soldiers head will pop up and then immediately disappear, not allowing me to play. I have followed these rules three times now and the same thing keeps happening.....

Edit: It's been a day or two, I really need some help. iv done half a billion different ways and nothing is working. Can someone provide a link to all the files inside of the BF3 file so I can see if im missing anything, Again, this does not work.

1. I transferred my BF3 file from my dying HDD to my external 1TB.

2. I installed Windows 7 on my brand new SSD

3. Then, I went to my external hard drive and renamed my original BF3 file "Battlefield 3-1" instead of "Battlefield 3".

4. I then went to Origin and changed the download location to my SSD / Program Files (x86)/ Origin Games. (I chose this location because the OP stated that when choosing a new download location in the Origin settings, you have to click on your new hard drive, which is impossible as it will not allow you to click on your hard drive. You must click on a specific file to put the game into i.e. Origin Games, otherwise, the game will not download or work.)

5. Then I copied the file (now renamed Battlefield 3-1) and pasted it in the "Origin Games" file on the new hard drive. (Takes about 35 minutes for my computer)

6. Then I went back to Origin (after restarting it and closing it like the OP said) and then I re-downloaded the game. When doing this, there is no percentage number that pops up. It says "installing" and then immediately jumps to downloading, which takes a few minutes. I waited for the "updates" the OP said the user could cancel, but there were no updates. Just the option to download Punkbuster, get a desktop shortcut icon for BF3, and a start menu shortcut icon.

7. So after everything finished, I restarted Origin and checked for an update on BF3. No updates were available and the game was ready to play...however that wasn't the case.

When I clicked play through Origin or the BF3 icon, I would get the normal battlelog, click on a random server, and then the blue bar at the bottom would appear. The bar stated the normal things that it says..."initializing, connecting, joining soldier..etc". But as soon as it got to "Joining Soldier", the BF3 game tab on the desktop task bar at the bottom of the screen would appear as if the game were loading and then immediately dissapear along with the blue bar in battlelog.

I have tried this method 3 times to no avail. Then i saw one of the later comments after the OP stating that all we have to do is just download the game then normal way (it'll take longer but still work as normal). I did that too, and about 46% through the download, I would get a message stating that there was a problem writing the file for one of the DLC's. The game now works but only on two DLC's and I have all of them.

I look at my new hard drive again and my BF3 file is what the hell?? Can someone please show me all the necessary files for the original Battlefield 3 file? I think I may have added more things to the file that is giving it an extra 40gb.
Can someone please help me with extremely detailed directions?
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@ElectroEvolution, I don't know if you have fixed that problem of yours, but I made this anyway.

Here's a link to some pictures I took in the Battlefield 3 folder, take note that these are from Vanilla Battlefield 3 because I don't own any DLCs (I could find some DLC-related files though). []

I spent about an hour making that, hopefully it'll be of any use to you or anyone else!

As a side note, you might notice that I have only Win32 folders there and no Win64 folders. Don't worry about it, here's a thread that explains why: []

EDIT: Some people just doesn't like to download things from random users, so I decided to scan the file with virustotal - []
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2014-10-05 06:10
Hi. I'm trying to move BF4 to my SSD. and have just enough space. I've moved the files, and when i press download it says i don't have enough space on the driver, because its trying to download the game all over again.

I don't know what to do...
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