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How to move BF3 from one Hard drive to another

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2014-12-27 15:32
i new how to do this but this just confirmed what i assumed was right
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2015-08-24 20:37
i have a problem in activating my bf3
i had this game on my desktop computer,now i want to play it in my new laptop.
i moved game and installed correctly.
now when i want to play it says couldnotactivate
we could not activate battlefield 3 limited edition on this computer using the origin account you provided.please locate your product key to activate the game using your origin account.
if you have already registered,please make sure you are signing in to the same origin account you previously used to activate the game.
when i want to enter my key it wants me to sign in with my origin acc.but in logging in it says wrong email or password
but im sure that i enter them true .
ID Enlisted: 2013-01-06
2015-11-17 16:31
thanks !
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.