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Comprehensive Battlefield 3 Troubleshoot Guide

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to this comprehensive Battlefield 3 Troubleshooting Guide.

This thread was created thanks to the participation of 3 veteran community members:


They hope these possible fixes can help you get back into the Battlefield, Soldiers!

If you are experiencing a technical issue with Battlefield 3, there’s most likely a solution for you in this thread.


  1. 1 – Origin Issues
    2 – Connection Issues
    3 – PunkBuster Issues (you have been kicked by PunkBuster)
    4 – Game behaviour issue/ Issues during Gameplay
    5 – Game Launch Issues
    6 – Extensions (DLCs) Issues (and error: Soldier is not ready)

Troubleshoot Guides:

1 - Origin Issues:

Origin shows you as offline

Origin may be under a temporary maintenance, please check this link to make sure: []

Origin will be back shortly after the maintenance is complete.

Maybe you can still play the game, by starting it with Battlelog which will make Origin log into your account.

Origin has stopped downloading:

If you are experiencing an issue when your download reaches 4 GB, it might be because your hard drive is under the ”FAT32” format, which tends not to work with files larger than 4 GB.

To check if that’s the case :

  • - Click the ”Start” button on the Windows Taskbar.
    - Select the ”My Computer” icon on your Desktop.
    - Select ”Manage”.
    - Select ”Disk Management”.
    - On the right side, you should see your hard drive(s) displayed with an indication on the partition size, plus the format (example (C:) XXGB NTFS or FAT32).

What you can do to fix this:

If you possess another hard drive, check if it is formatted differently.
For other options, please contact your PCs manufacturer.

You can also have a read at the link below regarding this issue: []

How to change your Origin ID: []

This will change your main EA ID (account name).
Keep in mind that this feature can only be used once a week.

Programs that might create conflicts with Origin:

Please check this article: []

How to manually uninstall Battlefield 3:

The link below will guide through a manual uninstall of Battlefield 3. []

Error 1996613200:

  1. 1- Make sure you are using the latest Origin version.
    Origin also has a feature to update itself automatically to the latest version.
    This article contains information regarding this: []
    2. Make sure the download and install folder are set as default.
    3. Try to run Origin in a different compatibility mode (XP SP3 or Vista SP2).
    4. Try to reboot your router.

2 - Connection Issues:

Errors: ”Connection to the Server timed out” / ”You were disconnected from EA Online 1”

First, make sure that you've logged into EA's website, to have your Origin/Battlelog profile linked at all times within EA.

That's very important, since some users have been experiencing errors such as ''You are disconnected from EA Online'' when they haven't had their accounts linked or when they haven't been logged in.

Check if the right Console/PC soldier is selected in the Battlelog.

When you are that you logged in to EA, please follow the troubleshoot steps below.

Take the time to proceed very carefully and precisely, and you shouldn’t experience this issue again.

  • - Click on ”Start”
    - Type in ”services.msc”
    - When the window pops, scroll down to ''SSDP Discovery''
    - Hover above ''SSDP Discovery'' with your mouse , then right click.
    - Click on ''Stop'' to cease the process.
    - Getting an annotation if you want to stop ”UpNp Device Host” aswell? - Click on ''Yes''

If you’re still experiencing this issue, please continue with the steps below:

If you wish to have this setup into the services at all times, simply go to ''SSDP Discovery'' again, right click on it, then select ''Properties''; a window will pop and you can select ''Startup type'' to choose ''Disable''.

Otherwise, you will need to go through the services and shut down these functions (SSDP Discovery & UpNp Device Host) everytime you restart your computer.

After a while, you can stop these functions in just a matter of seconds since you get used to doing it.

Hopefully the issue should be fixed, but if it’s not, please proceed to the next steps.

(Bare with us, there’s only a few more troubleshoot steps! Some users may need to do these router settings in order to be able to play the game without experiencing error messages, but not everyone.)

About the ''Network Identification'' settings (This setting is not going to get restored into the standard setting when you restart, changes made there will stay there until you decide to change it back yourself)

  • - Go to the ”Start” menu again.
    - Click on ”Control Panel”.
    - Under ''Network and Internet'', please click on ''View networkstatus and tasks''.
    - On the left side of the window, you will see ''Change advanced sharing settings'' appear, please click on it.
    - You will then be prompted into another window; under ”Network Discovery”, click on ''Turn off network discovery''
    - Save the changes.

If you are still experiencing errors such as ''Game Disconnected : Connection to the server timed out'', there are still a few steps that can help you fix this:

- go to the ”Start” menu and click at ''Run''. Write this in : ”services.msc” and make sure that you have SSDP Discovery and UpNp Device Host turned OFF. (Really important, otherwise this whole solution won’t work).

You can also try to disable ”UpNp” on your router, by following these steps :

  • - Go to ”Start”.
    - Type in ”cmd”.
    - When the command window pops, type in ”ipconfig”.
    - Scroll down to ''Standard Gateway'' and look at the IP number indicated there.
    - Go into any web browser (Firefox/Google Chrome/ or else), simply write your Standard Gateway IP in the search bar, and then press Enter on your keyboard.
    You will now be inside your routers settings
    - Go to ''Game & Application Sharing''
    - Click on ''Configure''
    - Tick the ''Use UpNp'' option, in order to stop using it.

To sum it up, try to always have ”SSDP Discovery” and ”UpNp Device Host” Turned OFF when you want to play BF3!

If the issue is not solved by then, please contact an EA advisor to get more in-depth help: []

Or, you can contact one of the veteran community members willing to help via the Answer HQ: []

3 - PunkBuster Issues:

This section will help you if you are experiencing the error message You have been kicked by punkbuster for the following reason:

This server requires punkbuster version (???)

Download PBSETUP from [].

Install PBSETUP and add Battlefield 3.

Then press Check for update.

When the update is finished, your Punkbuster will be up to date and you will be ready to join the Battlefield again.

RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

For Windows 7 or Windows 8:

Go to “C:\Program files(x86)\SysWOW64” and look for “PnkBstrA.exe” and “PnkBstrB.exe”.

Right click on both files and select “Properties”, then “Compatibility” and choose to “run this program as administrator”.

For Windows Vista, the steps are the same, but the applications are located at “C:\Program files\System32”.

If it’s still not working, please contact an EA advisor. []

Player kicked by PunkBuster stated reason: Disallowed Program/Driver

Please use the tutorial linked below (read thoroughly): []

Player kicked by PunkBuster stated reason: No Packet Flow

First, try if you can play on a NON-PB server.

If you can there is something preventing you to connect with the PunkBuster Servers.

If a Cleanboot did not work for you, and you still get the “No Packet Flow” error, please try the steps below:

- Go to “Start” and type “CMD” and press “Enter”.

Type on the blinking cursor the following line: “Ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter. Then launch Battlefield 3 to check if the issue is fixed.

If the issue remains, unplug your router during approximately 1 minute.
Then plug it back in on and attempt to join a BF3 game again.

If these steps did not fix the issue, please contact an Even Balance: . []

For any other PunkBuster Kick:

- Go into ”C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3” , Uninstall PunkBuster using PBSVC.

Delete the PunkBuster folder.

Then go to ”C:\Windows\System32” (or ”SysWOW64” if you are using Windows 64-bit) and delete ”PnkBstrA”, ”PnkBstrB” and
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Afterwards, restart your PC and reinstall PunkBuster using the PB install from [].

Add BF3 to the list of games, then click on ''Check for updates''.
This will reinstall PunkBuster.

Please go back to ”C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3” and reinstall PunkBuster for the second time using ”PBSVC”.

Then, restart your PC and if you have followed these steps carefully and precise, it should work!

If the issue remains, please contact PunkBuster support. As this is a third-party software, we’re unable to directly address these issues and you’ll need to contact PunkBuster directly.

4 - Game behaviour issues/ Issue during Gameplay:

If I press ”Caps” In Game, Battlefield 3 gets minimized:

Some users have experienced issues when trying to use Caps while writing in the in-game chat. It can be quite frustrating, but there is an easy and quick solution to fix this:

  1. 1. Press ”Ctrl + Alt + Del”.
    2. Launch the Task Manager.
    3. Select ''Processes''.
    4. You will see a process called ''BTTray.exe'', right click on it and stop the process.
    (It's a bluetooth program that you shouldn’t need to use. Keep in mind that everytime you shut off or restart your PC this process will run again)

Game minimize during gameplay and runs in the back ground, and can’t go back to full screen:

This could be a error in your user settings file.

Rename the ”Battlefield 3” folder in ”My documents” (or Documents) to ”Battlefield 3 old”.

Afterwards, restard Battlefield 3.

If this issue remains, change your fullscreen settings in game. Save the new settings and close the game.
Restart Battlefield 3 and return your settings as you wish, then save your changes.

5 - Game Launch Issues:

Stuck at loading screen:

Turn off “cloud storage” in Origin and launch Battlefield 3 to check if the issue is solved.


Rename the “Battlefield 3” folder in “My Documents” or “Documents”.
Launch Battlefield 3 to check if the issue is solved.


Rename the “Battlefield 3” folder in “My Documents” or “Documents”.
Close your Internet browser.

Uninstall the Battlefield web plugin at C:\Program files(x86)\Battlefield web plugin\Uninstall.exe

If you cannot find the file “Uninstall.exe”, look in the “Sonar” folder.

Then, run “UninstallSonar.exe”.

When it’s completed, remove the Battlefield Web Plugin folder.

Open your internet browser, and when joining Battlelog, the GameManager will blink and ask you to install the plugin.
Download and install the GameManager.
Launch Battlefield 3 to see if this solved the issue.

If the issue remains, uninstall Origin and manually delete its folder.

Then install Origin using this link: []
Select “Repair Install” in Origin (by right-clicking on Battlefield 3’s icon).

If the issue remains:

Create a Folder in “My Documents” or “Documents” called “Battlefield 3” then launch our repair tool one more time (it shouldn’t take very long).

Launch Battlefield 3 to check if the issue is fixed.

Once more, if these steps failed to fix the issue you are experiencing, please contact an EA advisor: []

6 - Extensions (DLCs) Issues

Installation Issues:

- Log out of Origin.
- Press ”Ctrl + Alt + Delete” and run the Task Manager.
- Exit Origin. And close its process if it’s still running.
- Login to EA’s Website.
- Go into your EA Account, to change your Country to USA.

Also, change the Language to English. Then click on ''Save'' (You could try other countries if USA & English as a language doesn't work).

Log in to Origin again, the download of your extension should now be starting.

Error: Soldier is not ready

Please make sure that you redeemed your Online Pass on your Gamertag/PSN Profile.

If you are still experiencing this error:

Login to []

Select the soldier on the platform you wish to play on.
Set that soldier as Default.

Your Soldier should now be active.

Thanks for having a read at our guide, we hope it helped!
As always, should you need further assistance, please contact the official EA support advisors: []
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