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2011-10-30 23:14
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JosephUrbanek said:
hello all i fill for all you out there that are having ploblems with the game i myself dont no why but mine is working great i do get the random sever kick but the laggy issue was fix with the last update for me at least and i am looking for word to the update that will repair the start up and kicking issues not sure but maby most of the proplems are with the ppls outdated pcs and lack of updating your drivers and poor enet connections this game does demand a higher quality set up to get the full game quality vidio cards that are not up to pare will affect the game and make it not funtion prober or not at all and slugish pcs are proply alot of the issues for most but there are proplem with the why the game has to start up i love how steam does it simple the way it is now is not well thought out or was but got messed up some were it all should have been fix in beta but its not so let give the ppl at ea a chance to redeem themselfs because in the end ppl are the ones paying the bills and upset ppl will stop buying there product witch im sure would upset them so im shur the got rushed by there higher ups to get it on the selfs most programs take bride in there games but in the end if there boss sead hurry up or your fire there going to hurry up and cut corners sadly latter is when thay fix those coners and yes we sufer for that its all about money to the company but lets see if they can repair these issue before we lose faith but to each there own with that sead i love the game play so far and am looking forword to play with all the new update it will recieve in due time please dont leave the ppl hanging EA ITS IN THE GAME thks all and good luck in life hope all get it fix aa yes please destroy the hackers aimbots and cheaters that ruin a good game due to there lack of true skill just beacuase you cand hack cheat and code the game files dont make you good it shows us you really suck to have to resort to cheating sad to see it done so JUST SAY NO you will fill better if you really earned the skills not no you suck and cheat

you writing a novel? WTF!
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2011-10-30 23:38
DANG all these closet game designers are calling out EA/Dice on how F'd up thier game is... They should have hired all you guys to make the game instead, then it would have been a perfect launch, yeah ok, if you can't tell, this is called sarcasm right here, and basically look at your own s**t before you call out the game designer's with so many OTHER people like myself, having no problems playing the game, you might want to blow the dust off that pre-built HP and get a real computer, and upgrade that dial-up internet you have, also every time you click on those porn sites you are probably getting viruses and crap which are slowing down your computer more and also causing it to not work, but go ahead, keep crying, because it's EA/Dice's fault not yours.
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2011-10-30 23:40
I dont see how any of these problems surprise you guys. Same problems with bfbc2...still i put up with them now and then because the game is good when its actually working right...
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2011-10-31 15:10
With my New GTX560 ti crash BF3 at all Game modes,now ,with my old GTX 275 no problems ?????????????????????
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2011-11-01 00:36
brasky49er said:
How about fixing all the bugs 1st EA??? People hiding in walls, floating in mid air then when getting shot hiding in rocks (not behind, in). Great game, not fully polished.
I agree I agree I agree fix ppls fix pls...omg laggg...omg very laggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
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2011-11-01 00:54
In a near future, we will cease to be the dominant race.
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2011-11-01 03:29
6 days an not 1 sec of playing!!! way to go EA/dice. if you stop playing the game (and with your self) and fiks the game so we that have payed for the game can play to. and to you idiots that "way to go/great work/tanks ea/dice" pleace shut up you are stupid !! ea/dice have sold a pice of crap that was not finished
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2011-11-01 14:53
TheOldestOne said:
6 days an not 1 sec of playing!!! way to go EA/dice. if you stop playing the game (and with your self) and fiks the game so we that have payed for the game can play to. and to you idiots that "way to go/great work/tanks ea/dice" pleace shut up you are stupid !! ea/dice have sold a pice of crap that was not finished

And you're on PC, PS3, XBOX? Way to go..

Also: There is threads for your issues. Find them. This thread is about moving threads, if you can read...
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2011-11-01 17:38
I don't know what to say. No mater what my comments are going to be looked over and disreguarded. But once again if I post it in another thread MAYBE someone will do something about it. (doubtful)

1. Fix server issues. The world has waited a week for more hardcore matches... Get the move on already. We know you filled the bank on this games release so use some of that money to keep us coming back. If you don't we won't bother pre-ordering a thing from EA again.

2. Smooth out the team joining options. This is a "team" game yet its a pain in the butt trying to join or invite a person to a match... why is that? A smooth transfer from menu to game with your team intact would be awesome.

3. Its hard enough to defend with the suppression fire fogging my view. I don't need the flag icon blocking my line of sight also... stick it in the corner or something please.

4. Listen to what people are saying and fix the issues. We know that there will be bugs and your game has had the worst in gaming HISTORY however we hate repeating our complaints to no effect. No one cares about battlelog, or orgin, or frostbite2... you could use a mouse and a wheel just as long as the game works...
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2011-11-02 05:09
Can’t stand people who have to bash on something great. Really, look what they made, it’s a masterpiece of a game, so what it has crashes or has little bugs, they gave you a game, that is not only the fluid movement, but an fps, a simulator for vehicles, and a company that wants their game to succeed. It’s not your stupid comments they need, and call Dice a bunch of noobs, cause if that is so then I don’t know if there would be a word for me, since I have not brought a game to life, or had the courage to put forth a dream, to make a company that employs people and then make my ideas. They broke new ground so what would you expect? You even have a clue how many lines of code this had to take? Also all the work around with all different computer parts, why do you think most games are made for consoles? Cause it’s made for one! Let’s be grateful and helpful, because I know from previous jobs employers only see negatives, even in everyday life people in general will not see the good but magnify the bad.

I remember Doom and way before then, but to come from that and now this is what we are looking at, stop blaming and start solving. What I love most of all is people will play the most simple games and pay 50 bucks and never say a word, but it seems people only want to ridicule the great things that come along so they give that project a bad name so then anything else would have come along can’t.

In short save your whining until they say they are done.

Main reason I was going to post: Why when disconnected does it not save what you accomplished? My friend was owning and then disconnected and now has none of the unlocks. Also what if I had to go during a match and quit I have yet to do it but do I still get credit?

Second: sometimes res won’t happen standing up then you have to crouch but then crouch won’t work stand up, or sometimes our looking at the body and neither will work, then you get shot because you tried to res 6 times and got nothing and yes the Icon was there for life line.

Third: on website com center sometimes the party window click join voice channel but it won’t change in the party window, even though it said in the upper right in voice channel also sometimes it doesn’t see invites until it seems you restart browser.
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2011-11-02 07:29
dt_Gamm4 said:
To keep the forums readable and make sure that everyone can get a good overview, we are starting a little sort operation here in the forums.

First of all we will sort all the threads and posts in the Official Announcements Forum in more fitting forums for the respecting topic.
Why are normal users even able to start new threads here?

Have your web devs forgotten to add usergroups and forum permissions?
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2011-11-02 07:47
TJHO0KER said:
Dipso - Are you a dipso? They work for EA and can notify development about the massive number of complaints. It's called collaboration. Try it sometime.
i'll bet you he is. but shouting at him hoping he'll press a magic fix-it button for you is like screaming at the weatherman cause he didn't give you a sunny day.
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2011-11-02 23:14
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Gogogodzillah said:
I cant multiplay or co-op play at all.Campaign works well, I dont know of anywhere to get support to fix this . anyone know where to clic to get support for this type of problem?

When I first installed it I had the same problem. So I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and it worked fine. Might be worth a try and see if it works for you.
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2011-11-03 11:33
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Kriss_T0ff said:
what about fixing the crashes, bug, server problems before fixing the forums???

What about THAT?
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2011-11-03 16:17
Kriss_T0ff said:
what about fixing the crashes, bug, server problems before fixing the forums???

What about THAT?

Different dev teams I would say.
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2011-11-03 17:17
Is anyone interested in filing a class action law suit against Origin, Dice,and any other entity that has any connection with Battlefield 3.
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2011-11-04 03:29 , edited 2011-11-04 03:44 by salvelinus
I read a post recently that suggested that GTX 560 570 and 580 cards must be set to original core clock speed. I am not an overclocker, but I got the 560 TI superclock for a deal so I am Fuqed also. I have no idea how to dial back the core clock to try this, just thought i'd pass along the info.

BTW yes I am a total loser because I don't know everything about my PC or PCs in genreal, so for those who will inevitably break balls on me. Suck it, and get a life, and i hate you too and so on......I'm fuking googling it now so eat shit this is how one learns [] pricks... and one more thing..

..Christ almighty this game is like a philharmonic in Analog know that it is exceptional, but the full experience is not achievable in this format....EA/DICE...C'mon Maaan!

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Schrapnell said:
With my New GTX560 ti crash BF3 at all Game modes,now ,with my old GTX 275 no problems ?????????????????????
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2011-11-05 00:07
This game still sucks forget about forums and work on the god dam game jesus.
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2011-11-14 15:19 , edited 2011-11-14 15:21 by Msdc101
Sick of this and totally infuriated that there is no channel at all for one to one discussion with those involved.
As I have said now many times " I want my money back" delete this bug ridden from my account and debit money back into my account.

Any other org. that sold wares in this sort of condition would be liable for legal action against. To me it is no better than theft and fraud.

£40 on a game that is totally unplayable in all modes.

BLUE SCREEN, BLACK SCREEN, STUTTERING SOUNDS, STUTTERING IMAGES and not once in a while but throughout gameplay

NO ITS NOT MY PC EA which is more than capable. WTF are you people doing releasing games in such condition, you must have known!?

Where exactly do i go to get my money back? SERIOUSLY!!!
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