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Nov 22 Patch Notes

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2012-02-16 21:11
no mav fix? wow so were still going to be killed by road kill mav bs and no usas fix ur the best dice! the only2 things that should be fixed aren't
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2012-02-16 21:49
redemption885 said:
no mav fix? wow so were still going to be killed by road kill mav bs and no usas fix ur the best dice! the only2 things that should be fixed aren't
You know these aren't the new patch notes and the MAV is getting fixed.
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2012-02-19 13:17
Striding_Alex said:
"Please note that the Squad Privacy option still allows 2 man Squads which, during 64 player sessions, can lead to players with no squad position..."


Sooooooo.... Allow us to create squads ? Sorry, I just don't understand how you seem to acknowledge this openly and yet decide not to do anything about it. Are there any plans to ?

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2012-02-21 08:52
why can't PC-users have same VOIP function as console-gamers, I wonder!
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2012-02-23 22:10 , edited 2012-02-23 22:13 by spiff1003
rivaLAce said:
"• Reduced the damage from FIM-92 and SA-18 IGLA missiles against aircraft."


You really won't need them anyways.... For some strange reason, DICE made the javelin into a superweapon that can kill just about anything that is laserpainted. There's no way you're gonna hit anything with those MANPADs unless there's a sloppy heli-pilot, but then you'd probably down it faster with your sidearm than MANPADs.

DICE, tune down the javelin... Or... The missile is really fine, but it shouldn't be possible to slave it to a laser-designator. If you remove this option and rather give the aircrafts laserguided bombs as an unlock, then we're starting to talk and it would be way more realistic too. Now, the aircrafts are not much fun to play around with. :(
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2012-02-26 15:33
tempstuch said:
I would like to know who the ahole is who came up the idea of using this POS software origin or what ever its called it is a terible platform and I want my frigging money back, I cant even get this stupid game running

I have never been able to get this game to run past Operation Guillotine, and have yet play a multi-player game. EA should be sued for this POS game.
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2012-02-28 19:17
Some guns are in reality more powerful than other... on that note going into a server and being killed face to face with a pistol at very close range, like head to head and being killed after unloading a full clip into a person is unacceptable, im sure the game has settings for just about everything there is for the dev's and I could talk all day about fixes, but getting it right is what I am waiting for, if they cant get it right soon, i myself am going to stop playing till it is done , I am sick of beta releases that seem to work good till hackers get a hold of them and update their hacks faster than EA/DICE can keep up.... sounds to me like the DEV's and EA need to create their own protection for bf and get rid of pb altogether , since they cannot seem to do their job

I honestly hope someone that works for EA/DICE reads this and take it seriously, I have many friends that play this game , and we are all sick of you dropping the ball letting people run our servers with us not being able to admin them properly.

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2012-03-02 07:50

There is an issue on Xbox where a players load out changes every time a new round is started, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere before. I play with a group of 8 people online and they have all experienced this problem on a daily basis.

As for this "Guided Rockets will now only track ground targets, as originally intended." Well this is just rubbish for the lack of a better word. Since dice messed with the stingers this is the only effective way of destroying air vehicles. When we have a helicopter team that constantly kills us, 1 person takes javelin or tank , ammo, soflam and the problem is dealt with by teamwork !

Try not to mess it up !
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