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Join the "Only in Battlefield 3" Challenge!

US Enlisted: 2012-02-25
2012-07-22 14:51
i can kill people with my tank like non other can... i can shoot all sorts of choppers and jets and her is my link. ( []
RO Enlisted: 2011-12-28
2012-07-22 15:42 []
This Video should get in the "Only in Battlefield 3" thingie since it shows teamwork.
Anyway it's what 90% of ppl play.
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NL Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-07-22 17:01
Bouncing trees...

Don't copy me, I am a pro-idiot !!!
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CA Enlisted: 2012-05-21
2012-07-22 21:26
Taking an amazing game and gutting it to accommodate consoles..Degrading.
Taking out VOIP/Battle recorder but still advertise it like it's there, in game..Shameful.
"Re"Texturing BF2 content and reselling it as DLC's..Deceiving.
Profiting from socialist-actions (Premium 1st-class, ANY other, no-class)..Unlawful.
GB Enlisted: 2011-11-10
2012-07-22 21:42
dunno why all these gits r moaning about this n that started of with a zx81 then a zx spectrum .amstrad 464..then a commodore amiga tell them to go play some of their software and games...the gaphics an gameplay on bf3 and close qaurters r stop moanig all the time
GR Enlisted: 2012-02-24
2012-07-27 07:28
running to get away from the enemies and getting randomly swirled over the whole mpa and says you suicied. Only on Battlefield 3!!!! did i win already? it's vacation time!
Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-07-28 23:31
next noob patch alert?
US Enlisted: 2011-11-09
2012-07-29 01:49
getting killed (BAD LUCK) by a dead body falling out of the sky, while trying to stab an unaware enemy! . . . only in BF3
Don't make me pull this game over and come back there!!
US Enlisted: 2011-12-07
2012-07-29 03:21
gettin not 1 but 2 swipe kills when he decided to adjust his aim at the moment i went for the tags; 2 sep occasions same game.
and the whole your eqip dies b4 u do; interesting concept; really brings the realism to the game; id bet some claymores dad sat in nam are still hidden and active? what gives??
having no comms 1/2 way through every game; sometime game sounds, but never the shouts from your squad to NOT GO IN THERE ITS A TRAP; or WATCH OUT THERES A TANK WE DID NOT SPOT YET.
only in bf3 though; 1943 gets more fun each day.
pay no attention to the incessant ramblings above
CX Enlisted: 2012-01-08
2012-07-29 04:36
"Tank sniper" -only in Bf3

by this I mean that huge sniper in the video that looked like a tank because of the sniper rifle
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GB Enlisted: 2012-01-21
2012-07-30 13:10
Stu_pid131 said:
DICE is trolling us again.
Make a video without ingame BattleRecorder...

Hopefully it will be in the August drop?
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DK Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2012-08-01 17:42
How old do you have to be to participate in the competition? (Minimum age)
BR Enlisted: 2012-01-17
2012-08-01 20:40
start now to recording my video!
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-08-02 02:05
How come all I could see on the competition page is just a background image?
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US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-08-02 04:49 []
Oh look, someone better than me, MUST be a hacker! -Signed, Player with 0.5KDR
BG Enlisted: 2012-07-26
2012-08-02 09:24
I would like to ask, If I'm 17 and my 18th birthday is in December this year, can I still join?
AU Enlisted: 2012-02-05
2012-08-04 08:00
DavidNsy said:
How come all I could see on the competition page is just a background image?

Yeh same for me, just a background picture, no info :-/ whats going on?
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2012-08-11 13:53
Only in battlefield will you be lied to about

"PC is the lead platform"
"True Teamplay"
"Biggest maps ever"
"E-Sports are our focus"
"Playing with your friends has never been this easy"
"To beat COD, you don't be COD"
"The Developers are working on fixes!"
"We listen to feedback"
"We are looking into the issue"
"We won't tolerate cheating"
"...true sequel to BF2"
"We will never charge for our DLC".
"Extra goodies for the PC"
"All DLC and extra content will be released simultaneously for fairness between xbox, ps3 and PC"
"We will have modding support"
"3 times more DLC than BC2"
"Commander abilities passed down to Squad Leaders"
"Unrivaled Destruction will be featured in BF3"
"alienating our core audience or transforming Battlefield into some generic shooter clone simply will not accomplish that. Have some bloody faith will you"
"...I'm "not ready to directly address your concerns this early, but I'm confident what Battlefield 3 has to offer will provide an innovative and deep Integrated Teamwork experience... It's going to be a good year to be a hardcore Battlefield fan."
"Better patch system"
"Extensive post release support"
"Much improved netcode"
"Better communication"
PL Enlisted: 2012-07-07
2012-08-13 13:27
Guys I have question can I use fragments of gameplay from SinglePlayer in my video?
SE Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2012-08-13 16:40
NateLB said: []

See me on YouTube!
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