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Statistic & XP tracking issues in Battlefield 3

Enlisted: 2012-03-19
2012-08-23 04:09
tyeone123 said:
It's not just the FAMAS, thats pure crap, I have unlocked two scopes for the P-90, and one for the G3 and I have got zippo for it. Where are my unlocks, I bloody worked hard for em, and want em. Hurry up and SORT IT OUT...

pure crap no famas is a good gun and beat the stupid over used m16
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2012-08-28 21:38
just remove the famas completely, the famas is terrible anyway
Enlisted: 2011-12-31
2012-08-29 05:14
I've lost a million and a half points and i have never used the famas! DICE I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FAMAS I WANT MY XP BACK
Enlisted: 2011-10-31
2012-08-29 05:32
they will never give you the xp because they cant track how much you lost!
US Enlisted: 2011-12-13
2012-08-31 22:26
Please give us the support we need to play the game the right way. We are the gamers/customers, if you don`t fix the bugs there is always other ways to spend my time and money.
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US Enlisted: 2012-01-30
2012-09-01 11:39
hell they will never get the game fixed....seems they repair 1 thing and fuck up 5 different things I WANT MY MONEY BACK
US Enlisted: 2011-10-30
2012-09-11 05:04
Any day sports fans. I am behind a service rank in all kits and have not seen a correction. Please update status of the fix. Thank you
GB Enlisted: 2012-03-31
2012-09-15 10:10
i never use the famas and mine have gone messed up 2
US Enlisted: 2012-07-18
2012-09-15 16:01
you only lose it on xbox live or the console iv had this happen an my battlelog stats are 100% accurate.
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US Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-10-19 03:02
battle log last update was over 1 month ago...every time you guys do an update or patch you frigg something else up....enjoy my dough, it'll be the last.
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2012-11-30 09:18
On PS3 How come I can't find my Premium member assignments "Battlescars", "Fire in the Hole!", "Combat Medic", "Rambo" or "Silent Hunter" on my in-game assignments but shows up on battlelog? Am I the only person getting this?
Enlisted: 2012-04-08
2012-12-10 18:55
Just lost 30.000xp on my last game after some pretty hard work.

Thank you for that awesome experience.
US Enlisted: 2012-03-30
2012-12-20 22:49
I'm just having the Xp issue several times during double xp I haven't been given the 10g for class ranks and hope this will be resolved soon because this has been going on for some time, we paid quite a bit of money for the game and accurate xp tracking should be at the top of the list of issues to resolve not a player whining about op weapons. Oh and we all have been patience long enough please resolve the issue.
NZ Enlisted: 2012-06-10
2013-01-27 23:41

I have just busted my ass off working for my claymore medal as I work through unlocking my dog tags I have just earned the medal for the first time and the tag associated with it has failed to unlock what's going on here? Does this have something to do with you guys changing the criteria required to unlock medals? I have checked battlelog and again on my XBOX and it confirms I have the medal so why is there no tags rewarded?

It was a pain in the ass when you guys changed the criteria required for medal unlocks for example changing the rush attacker ribbon from 50 to 10 but leaving the defender ribbons on 50 when the defending ribbon is way harder to obtain then the attackers. Oh and one more thing what about the points that are owed due to medals unlocking thanks to your update but while I wasn't playing so I get a medal but with no points and it seems to have glitched certain tags unlocking I feel sorry for the people who shelled out for premium just to have you guys change everything constantly.

please sort this out and stop moving the goal posts for us players.

MikeTheMuss87 - An annoyed XBOX 360 player
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