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Premium Assignment Problem

Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2013-06-22 16:26
Hi, I got a problem with the Scar H assignment, I destroyed a chopper killing his pilot and the assignment is not updated yet, it was 4 hours ago... And I always had problem with the Rambo assignment.. several times I made 4 o more kills in two o three seconds and the assignment never updated...
Thank you in advance..
HU Enlisted: 2012-09-04
2013-06-24 18:12
Fecoman said:
pippiLstocking said:
Fecoman said:
I'got problem with L96 specialist.
It's stuck at 151 point. I got 100 points more, but it does not count.
Please help.
you need 200 more kills , at 350 meters or more. You're probably getting alot of kills at less than 350 meters, but they need to be at 350 meters or more. Try sniping from more remote spots, further from the action.
Thanks the post, andsorry the late reply.
I have 298 kils with L96 and 150 headshots. Anytime when i try to get more points, in game have headshots and marksman points not adding to it my 151 point.
But several other assignments stucked or not adding point when i meet the creteria.
What is wrong?
THX Fecoman.

Finally I realized what was the problem.
One shot should be more than 350m headshots achieved.
Only the highest counts.
THX Fecoman
Enlisted: 2013-06-19
2013-06-25 11:16
dlaczego mi nie działają mi dodatki (4 dodatki) i działa mi tylko back to karkan w bf 3 premier edition pomóżcie
US Enlisted: 2011-10-29
2013-06-25 16:07
I finished 5th in Gunmaster on Sunday afternoon (6/23) and my assignment still has not updated...
Enlisted: 2013-06-25
2013-06-25 18:47
guys i cannot download more dlcs i am premium and i downloaded close querters but now i cant get the ather wans
CA Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-06-27 01:09
i can now only see 60 assignments instead of 75 and i got premium.
im sure there were more than 20 premium assignments
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2013-06-29 23:17
Punkbuster kicked me out!
And theSYNK is not working good this is the 4th time on 1 hr the sync is fucked up.. (&more be4)

Got this message:
Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'TeamNacka' (for 0 minutes) ... RESTRICTION: Invalid Memory Image

WTF is that??

Give a Reply to me here or my mail.

Enlisted: 2013-02-20
2013-07-05 23:27
Has there been any solution to this?

I've just brought my system back to life after YLOD.

Got some connection issues to sort out, but a load of my premium assignments are missing... I've only got about 6 left!!

Any way to sort it out?
US Enlisted: 2011-11-20
2013-07-07 23:26
buscher31 said:
hey i have a problem with the new "rambo" assignment... its frozen, and even if i get 22 kills in one game i still not get the objective where you need 20 kills in one game... can some one help me here?

ps. i think that DICE should fix these small bugs faster....

I have the same damn problem and they are not fixing it.
SE Enlisted: 2012-01-26
2013-07-11 21:16
Same here
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2013-07-14 12:35
My assignments dont seem to update....My L85A2 assignment still shows 0/100 kills even though i've killed over 300 people.

Is there any light to be shed on this problem? I notice the start of this thread is over a year ago.......did anyone ever get theirs fixed?
AU Enlisted: 2011-11-07
2013-07-15 09:42
your 300+ kills are with the L86A2 not your L85A2 check your weapons stats :]
US Enlisted: 2013-03-22
2013-07-22 01:51
So i'm trying to get the Hold the Trigger assignment, and all I needed to get was a Top 5 in Gun Master. I just was Top 5 in a Gun Master on Ziba Tower, it even said the I was Top 5 when the game ended, but no M5K, or assignment completed notice. Did I miss something? Are not all Top 5s treated the same?
RU Enlisted: 2013-06-12
2013-07-23 05:28
Бред какой то ... оплатил премиум... а в самой игре никаких преимуществ от премиум аккаунта не вижу. просто обычная игра. как активировать:??
Enlisted: 2011-11-12
2013-07-29 07:15 , edited 2013-07-29 07:16 by OhHeyBro
My L96 Specialist Assignment has been frozen on 110/350m headshot for ages. How do I fix it?
Enlisted: 2012-07-22
2013-07-31 22:50
i can't buy the premium what can i do ?
PT Enlisted: 2013-08-02
2013-08-04 20:52
I have a question i created a new account on my ps3 and i have created a new soldier with that so..., and then my first account have premium on battlelog, now my second account (dont have premium) its what the battlelog say but i am using the same console, the same disk, and i have the ACB-90 on the game (on the second account) can you help me? (thats my second account).
Enlisted: 2011-11-05
2013-08-08 18:13
some of my assignments seem to be froze they don't give me my kills and some will not even open to start them don't know whats the deal
GB Enlisted: 2011-12-01
2013-08-21 23:38
Ok I got a problem too my premium assignments dont show on consol and dont update on battlelog so any clues to resolve this
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BE Enlisted: 2011-10-31
2013-08-21 23:47
Why would you by Premium now if the assignments won't update anymore!!!! Fix it damnit
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