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Premium Assignment Problem

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2013-08-25 15:05
Al tratar de entrar al juego, tanto en multiplayer como en campana me envia este mensaje: No se pudo comunicar con el funcionamiento del juego. Por favor, asegúrese de que no se lanzó fuera de la web. Como soluciono?
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2013-09-03 12:23
I have lost all my Premium guns like the ACW-R, Aug A3 etc and I don't know how to get them back! Does anyone know on how to get them back?
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2013-09-21 14:34
i've lost my premium membership.. what is going on...?
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2013-09-24 00:40 , edited 2013-09-24 00:43 by nthrvctm
I have also seemingly lost my Premium Membership... I've been wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I just happened upon this thread after searching google. I also can't join any servers other than those hosting the base game content. I can't join and maps of any of the expansions including back to karkand...
CA Enlisted: 2011-12-26
2013-10-10 14:38
Stats are OK but I lost all access to Premium servers.
US Enlisted: 2011-11-05
2013-10-26 02:39
my 2 only assignment are still froze for 6 months of getting the require amount
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2013-11-29 15:21
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How can I tell if my premium edition battlefied 3 code worked? I put it in and it had to download but it was queued to the 2 GB of the update 6 and my roomate accidentally unplugged the modem and lost internet connection. I went back to download the update 6 and it's downloading. But I can't reenter the code and queue the download for the premium edition package. So how can I reload the premium edition or check to see if I received it? Thanks.

Figured it out. after signing into xbox live on my pc. []

I can then add it to my queue.
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I can not play in the Brazilian servers, always falls after 5 minutes! Game on pc!
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2014-01-03 16:21
Testing 1, 2, 3
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It would be awesome if Dice actually responded to a clients concern. Fact is, they don't. Paid for Premium, yet to receive any response to my inquiries. Advise to all... DO NOT PURCHASE PREMIUM UNTIL THEY FIX THE BUGS!
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2014-01-14 23:17
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2014-02-07 02:47
Eu estou com um problemas nas dlcs close quartes, armoredkill, aftermatch e end game
Comprei Battlefield Premium Edition Para pc a primeira att (back to karkand) funciona normalmente . porem as demais dlcs so liberou os equipamentos mais os mapas e modos de jogo novo travam no loading . Por exemplo eu vou jogar um Gun Master (Close Quarters) antes de apareceu a tela de loading trava e meu pc roda tranquilamente o Battlefield 3 , por favor respondam esse post com a solução . Desde ja agradeço.

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2014-02-22 19:49
i bought bf4 premium on my ps4 but it shows me that i havent premium and i had to buy it first
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2014-04-13 08:50
How do you get the premium assignment???
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2014-04-26 13:04
I purchased BF3 new on XBOX 360 and also purchased premium can I use this on BF3 on ps3. I had purchased the premium pack as soon as it came out and have played it for about a month nonstop and my Xbox quit. now since I payed for premium can I use it on a PS3 that I own? Please say this is possible.
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2014-08-08 22:02 , edited 2014-08-09 09:08 by Romkis83
I cant download Back to Karkand expansions, i need latest bf3 update from origin, i check for bf3 updates in my games and is fully updated, but i still cant download it pls help.
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2015-09-12 14:37
Thx EA you broke the game!!!
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