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[Bf.Nut] Singapore
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About Us

[Bf.Nut] is a competitive eSport clan based in Singapore which was founded on
early 2004 for the love of the Battlefield Series.


[Bf.Nut] is a competitive eSport clan founded on the love of the Battlefield Series.
Based in Singapore, it gathers some of the finest FPS (First-Person Shooter) gamers in the country. It was started in early 2004 at the now-defunct E-Games at Orchard Cineleisure as a casual Battlefield 1942 clan.

The clan has progressed from game to game through the years, from Battlefield 1942, Vital Sign, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, BlackShot and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Today, while boasting multiple accolades, more significantly in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142, the clan has never forgotten its humble beginnings. We strongly believe in humility and embrace the constant willingness to learn.

In recent years, [Bf.Nut] has had a strong showing in the Singaporean BlackShot competitive circuit as a consistent contender for the top two positions. The clan, never forgetting its roots in the Battlefield series of games, had also recently established itself as the top contender in the online Southeast Asian tournament in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

With the release of Battlefield 3, [Bf.Nut] has taken up the challenge by competing against the best teams across the Oceanic region in GIGABYTE Battlefield 3 Asia Cup Season 1. [Bf.Nut] proved their mettle once again by clinching the first place for the tournament and this success has been featured in the Straits Times Digital Life.

Presently, [Bf.Nut] has multiple divisions in competitive FPS gaming with the established divisions in Battlefield 3 and BlackShot. The clan remains open to possibilities, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a definite contender.

Battlefield Accolades

Battlefield 3

• 2013 May, Australian CyberGamer League BF3 5v5 Conquest Finals, Top 8
• 2013 June, Swedish Game Fest, Battlefield 3 Infantry 5v5 Competition, Champion + 2nd Runner Up

• 2012 November, AMD Sapphire Battlefield 3 DreamHack Winter 2012 Masters, Top 8
• 2012 November, SPGBF3#4 5v5 Conquest Asia, Champion
• 2012 October, SPGBF3#3 5v5 Conquest Asia, Champion
• 2012 October, SPGBF3#1 5v5 Conquest Asia, Champion
• 2012 January, GIGABYTE Battlefield 3 Cup Asia Season 1, Champion

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

• 2010 Sept, Fragnetics Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online Competition (Southeast Asia), Champion

Battlefield 2142

• 2006 November, Fragnetics BF2142 Tournament, Champion
• 2006 December, Asia Pacific BF2142, Champion

• 2007 March, EA Play - Battle of the Titans, 4th Runner Up
• 2007 June, The New Paper Cyber Challenge, Champion + 1st Runner Up + 2nd Runner Up
• 2007 August, GXL Season 01 BF2142, Champion + 2nd Runner Up
• 2007 September, South Africa rAge BF2142, Champion (ASF / Bf.Nut)

Battlefield 2

• 2006 March, BF2 World Tournament Top 24
• 2006 March, EA Play, Champion + 1st Runner Up
• 2006 July, GXL Season 01 BF2, Champion + 1st Runner Up
• 2006 August, Starhub Master Series, Champion + 1st Runner Up
• 2006 August, Starhub Master Series, 2v2 Mini Competitions, Champion (Armor, Heli, Aviator)
• 2006 November, Malaysia CELgames, Champion

• 2008 June, The New Paper Cyber Challenge BF2, Champion + 1st Runner Up + 2nd Runner Up

Battlefield 1942

• 2004 April, [Bf.Nut] vs 21st Panzer Division, Champion
• 2004 July, [Bf.Nut] vs -]DF[-, Champion
• 2004 October, [Bf.Nut] vs [ASB], Champion
• 2004 December, [Bf.Nut] vs [XHYDRO], Champion

• 2005 January, [Bf.Nut] vs [ASB], Champion
• 2005 February, [Bf.Nut] vs [SAF], Champion
• 2005 March, [Bf.Nut] vs [SAF], Champion


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