24th St. LAN Company
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We are a Hungarian Battlefield community.

Our unit is formed in the times before the Internet, when LAN was the only available multiplayer option.

The founders, about 10-15 people have organized 23 LAN parties, on which they played Battlefield 1942 and other games. From these games, only the Battlefield series kept in focus.

Before the 24th LAN party could be organized, everybody had access to internet connection. They have founded the 24th St. LAN Company.

Since then, we organized numerous meetings and Airsoft battles, and many new friends have joined us from all over the country.

Our name is formed of this:
24th : honoring the 24 LAN parties.
St. : The founders live in the city of Salgótarján.
LAN Company : The roots of our community, or what we were before the internet.

Our community is actively playing:
-Battlefield series and mods
-ArmA series
-World of Tanks

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