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THIS IS A CLAN BASED PLATOON ONLY! If you want to join the clan go to our Web page and apply their.

Clan was established at the End of 2005. FiB has achieved 2nd place @ Rage 2006, First Place at Rage 2007,
2008, 2009. FiB was also awarded National Colours in 2007 and also Provincial Colours for COD4 and BF2142
in 2007. FiB took 1st and 2nd place at RAGE 2009 with two Battlefield 2 teams entered.

At the End of 2009 BF2 was replaced with Bad Company 2 and Assassin decided that his team had achieved the
best ever possible with a total winstreak of 97 games, no losses, Hatric Championships for Rage 07,08,09 and
needed to prove nothing more in BF2 gaming. In 2010, Assassin decided to let all the members go, and gave
them open hunting grounds to find their feet with a new Game, and a new Clan.

27/09/2011 - FiB is open for BF3

15/01/2012 - FiB won the MSSA National trials to represent South Africa in the CUP OF NATIONS

10/11/2014 - FiB open and recruiting


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