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Wars come and go, but these soldiers stay eternal!- Welcome to The Veterans Platoon. Have questions or suggestions feel free to contact me or a Leader. Players that wish to join can apply, the only requirement is a microphone and maturity that comes with respecting your fellow brothers and sisters. Tenets to play by- Represent your platoon by adding are tag and signing up to are website.( at your own leisure).- Encourage good competitiveness, sportsmanship and respect among's are selves.( I hate losing but shit happens).- There's no utter supreme law you have to follow even if it is called tenets, Just be adults about any issue and or problems by conversing with each other about the issue, me include-ted.(: (Which means no drama we get enough of that bs in life, well at least i do).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >All official members get VIP access to the server-Admins are as follow, R2k-zyron, johnny2135, and joshb666_420.

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