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Platoon Presentation

We're here because we don't belong anywhere else. Cast out, or outcasts by choice, still we fight. We fight for all reasons, money, honour, revenge.

We may be small, alone, but we will fight to the last for what is ours. To the last man. To the last bullet. To the last breath. We fight.

We accept players of all skills levels and standings. Our rules are simple. Respect the platoon. Destroy all who would stand in our way.


Tactical Breakdown of 200% Conquest Epicenter on 06/12/12:

Squad Leader/Pointman—Ravager Zero, Engineer (Assessed by Midnight)
Clarity of Command: Good
Squad Cohesion: Great
Combat Efficiency: Excellent
Battlefield Intuition: Excellent

Squad (assessed by Rav)
Left Flank—PrmanentMidnight, Assault
Cohesion: Excellent
Combat Eff.: Average
Intervention Time: Great
Orders Completed: Excellent
(Note: Low combat eff. offset by high squad support capability)

Right Flank—lxTeamXtremexl, Support
Cohesion: Good
Combat Eff.: Great
Supply Line: Excellent
Orders Completed: Great
(Note: shows good initiative, but requires support)

Rearguard—johnnyboi818, Assault
Cohesion: Excellent
Combat Eff.: Excellent
Intervention Time: Excellent
Orders Completed: Excellent
(Note: An excellent player. Next in line for Squad Tactics Exercise.)

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