Veterans the Avengers
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Platoon Presentation

A tight nit group of friends with a mutual love of the battlefield series of games.

We have been through a few up sets in our time but we come out stronger.

Things have evolved and we now play almost all styles of game now from vanilla conquest to the odd game of hardcore rush.

New members should friend leaders and ask to join, we only accept nice people. Great players with large egos are not welcome here. We play for fun and friendship.

We have only a few rules
1. Be nice to each other!

2. NO BOOSTING IS ALLOWED any one caught boosting will be kicked

3. Must have a Mic to join, no exceptions

5. No under 18's unless approved by all leaders.

6. If you want to join send a message to one of the leaders or founder on PSN telling us why you want to join. Don't worry we won't bite and we are not elitist so you don't have to be a super leet soldier with a high k/d. Team play and respect is more important to us.

For Clan battles contact rocca4life

Allied with 82nd clan

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