New World Order
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to The New World Order!!!

We are stepping up membership in preparation for BF4. We are looking for hardened, active players to fill or support positions within the platoon. All Pilots and classes are needed asap. There are no stat requirements to join just play to win and have fun. With membership comes some requirements, please take some time to read the following.

- You must have some form of microphone and headset.

- You must continue to actively participate on BattleLog for important info such as clan matches and updates.

- 1 week of inactivity earns a message reminder.

- 2 weeks of inactivity earns a kick from the platoon and loss of access to all servers, unless you have given us notification of your absence. And of course you can always re-apply when you become fully active again.

Come and run a few rounds with us.

Platoon Leader:
Current status:: Platoon Leader, Head of Recruitment

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Current status: Platoon/ Squad Leader/Recruitment

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