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Platoon Presentation

Join us on TeamSpeak 3 come in say ur PNM ..

Do you have the advantage in-game if your squad members can tell you where the enemy is?
Do have the advantage in-game if your gunner can warn you of incoming threats?
Does squad based teamwork vastly improve when you can actually speak to the other members?
Is it annoying when that Support Class Soldier just will not give you that ammo pack no matter how much you knife or shoot him?
Do you feel your gameplay has stagnated?
Do you want to make some new friends?
If the answer to the above questions is yes, then join us now!!!
There’s no pressure here to play in Leagues, admin servers, donate, subscribe, start servers, play on empty servers, have jumped up little kids telling you what to do or have to lick the Clan founders/Leaders bumhole……..!
That’s ‘cos we do things differently here, membership is free, we have a minimum age of 13 years of age. We have no servers of our own, we play on other peoples…..
Let them use their spare time admining,kicking/warning players…..Let them play on semi full servers…..Let them argue and fall out over donations/subscriptions…..Let them have weekly arguments – "Meetings”.
This clan is about improving your game and having fun at the same time.
We use Teamspeak 3 to speak to each other, this gives us a tactical and situational advantage over all non teamspeak using players.
We understand that it can be a little daunting meeting total strangers for the first time but please take the leap of faith, join our clan, install Teamspeak 3 and you’ll be making friends, improving your game and having a laugh all at the same time!!!!! And all for free…..!!!

Hope to see you on the battlefield and TeamSpeak

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