Heroes of Battlefield
Tag: [HoBF] Fans: 14 Created: 2012-01-11

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For players who can play Battlefield games (not BF3 only). I would like to give good teamplayers an invitation to
say them how much I appreciate their skills and teamplay. Contemporary BF community sucks. When I play
I usually meet total noobs, vehicle stealers, people without brain and I'am tired of it. One of the reason is that BF 3 is made for noobs, you don't need any skills, you can play metro 24/7 and you will have nice stats ;) another
reason is the age of players, and lastly DICE wants to copy CoD to beat them in sales and try to "copy" CoD in
many aspects like Singleplayer, or infantry.. every BF from BF 2 is more like a "console" shooter and is more and more similiar to CoD.. shame

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