PS3 Vodka Platoon
Tag: [OHVP] Fans: 27 Created: 2012-05-04

Platoon Presentation

This is the Official Fan-based Platoon to Hei's 360 Vodka Platoon. This Platoon is for the PS3 players who wish to join Hei's ranks in vodka-throwing antics. Also, I'll be your official cook for this Platoon...and I guess Hei's, if he needs any. - Tremuto

Direct quote from Hei's Official Platoon -
"Any members who wish to have an empty bottle of vodka thrown at someone may simply post on the wall with a link to the thread. If you have friends who you believe deserve the salvation of being a part of Empty Bottles of Vodka, then feel free to invite them to the platoon. I welcome all newcomers with open arms, and a free bottle of vodka to drink. There is also skittles for anyone who needs some."

Link to Hei's original Platoon -

Also, feel free to ask me for the recipe to Grenade Cooking and Blueberry Jelly.

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