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Platoon Presentation

•In Memory of the EPS Team eWAVE•

It's time to say Goodbye. Thanks to eWAVE who supported us and always believed in us. We really appreciate that. Thanks to all my mates during that time, you did a great job and we had also a lot of fun during the Season. We will never forget this time. And maybe we see us again in BF4.
- pyo (Team-Captain)

EPS 8v8 Summer Season 2012 Line-Up:




•T800c (Gunner)
•Turbopummel (Pilot)
•pyo (Pilot)


•Shock (Tank/APC)
•Turbopummel (APC)






#1 ESL.ger 8v8 Ladder
#1 ESL Summer Cup 2012 Groupstage 8v8 (Group F)
#1 ESL Heli 2v2 Ladder (Turbopummel+T800c)
#2 ESL Heli 2v2 Ladder (pyo)
#2 8v8 Ladder
#5 ESL Summer Cup 2012 8v8 Playoffs
#8 ESL EPS Summer Season 2012 8v8 (4-0-6)


Procon Hosting:


EPS Matchday #6 eWAVE vs n! on Kharg Island by Turbopummel (Heli Pilot)

EPS Matchday #7 eWAVE vs INRI on Seine Crossing by Shock(Tank)

EPS Matchday #11 eWAVE vs Team Acer on Operation Firestorm by Turbopummel (Heli Pilot)

ESL 8v8 Summer Cup Playoffs eWAVE vs TKA on Caspian Border by Turbopummel (Heli Pilot)


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