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Platoon Presentation

Look no further! ACT OF VALOR SEAL TEAM is a great community of gamers of all types who play to win, play to have fun, and play tactically! ACT OF VALOR SEAL TEAM wants you!!! Yes you!!!
**Note we are transferring to BF4 as well. We will manage the change with the new console release as well**


*Minimum age requirement 14
*Minimum KD ratio 1.00
*Minimum SPM 350
*Minimum in-game rank 30 (Not Colonel)
*Minimum hours played in-game 3
*Use of specializations
*Use of clan tags (USNS) – Requirement to increase in ranks
*Have skills on Rush and Conquest
*Mic use – Required to increase in ranks / join scrims and battles


- Be Respectful to other platoon members and leaders. Respect Other Members of Act of Valor. Teamwork relies heavily on respect. Respect Other Communities. A group is only as good as its reputation.
- Please restrain from doing things that are frowned upon in the unwritten book of gaming. Spawn camping, Jet Ramming, things of that nature.
- Squad / Division leaders submitting requested / monthly reports.
- Check Battlelog / website at least once or twice within every 2 days in order to stay updated.
- Must obey Squad Leaders during public matches or scrims.
- Have your appropriate clan tag set for your division. [USNS]
- No Drama! We have an Absolute No Tolerance Policy with Drama. If you cause problems they will be handled quickly.


SLP CaptMichael (Gen)
Sil3nt Prophet (Maj) (Recruit Sign and Stamp Approver) (Assets Coordinator)
| K1LLZONE | (2ndLt) (Recruiter Reviewer / Approver)
TactiKal Binky (2ndLt) (Media Coordinator) (Assets Coordinator)
Stableblackhawk (MSgt) (Recruiter)
Silkymilkys9 (MSgt) (Recruiter)

1. | K1LLZONE |
2. Stableblackhawk
3. silkymilkys9


Enlisted Ranks

Private - PVT - A Private is the entry level rank and more of a trial period for the new member. Getting promoted is as easy as being active and getting involved with the platoon.

Corporal - CPL - A Corporal is familiar with Act of Valor rules and members and has been active for at least a week.

Specialist - SPC - The highest rank without responsibility, Specialists knows Act of Valor have established a group of friends and is comfortable with the rules, regulations, and command structure.

Sergeant - SGT - Well on their way to leading a Squad, sergeants are looked at first to lead the smallest group in Act of Valor, a 2-man Fire team. On top of Small scale leadership within a fire team, Sergeants support their Squad leader as 2nd in command covering for Staff Sergeants if they are unable to attend a squad meeting or game.

Staff Sergeant - SSGT - Staff Sergeants have proven they are able to lead a Squad in a manner that fits into a Company Strategy as well as act independently. They are directly responsible for their Squad and making sure their members are promoted and educated correctly. SSGTs are crucial to the success of the organization as a whole.

Master Sergeant - MSGT - Master Sergeants are experienced squad leaders. They know what it takes to lead a successful squad both on the battlefield and within Act of Valor. MSGTs are training to become a Battalion Leader and are actively recruiting new members to make a new battalions and squads a reality.

Sergeant Major - SGTMAJ - Sergeant Majors are the pinnacle of the enlisted ranks. Lead a Battalion of 2-4 Squads and are in charge of handling or communicating squads issues up the command chain, assist with training in special positions where needed.

Officer Ranks

Warrant Officer - WO - Warrant Officers are used as Trainers or placed in special positions where needed. WOs can be trusted with the responsibility to do certain duties where an Enlisted Rank wouldn't be appropriate. They report directly to a Captain or Major, although their rank is higher than an Enlisted Rank they are not officially over the members in the Squads or Platoons. Members can achieve this rank by becoming actively involved in Assets and / or Media teams.

Lieutenant - LT - Lieutenants are experienced Battalion Leaders. They are comfortable leading a Battalion and have moved into a division leadership role.

Captain - CAPT - A Captain is a commanding officer of the platoon. The Captain is also responsible for handling all issues that could happen within the platoon. He or she reports to a Major and directly oversees the Sergeants Majors or Lieutenants of the divsions.

Major - MAJ - Majors ensure all the members in his platoon are taken care of and directly oversee Captains and their Companies. Assist with maintaining and developing the platoon growth and changes.

Colonel - COL - Colonels oversee all Act of Valor activities that their Division is involved in including separate tactics and issues regarding the console their platoon is based in. They report to Generals and play a major part in Act of Valor Governing and rule changes.

General - GEN - A General is responsible for everything within his Platoon. Meaning anything that happens involving one game is his responsibly. Generals have seniority according to the number of Stars. 1 being the lowest 5 being the highest.


1. Begin as privates in the Enlisted Infantry (Cadets) (Pvt)
a. Can climb ranks quicker upon completing basic training
b. Limited ability to rank up
c. Last in line for scrims / battles
d. Non active members for more than 15 consecutive days may be placed here and / or dishonorably discharged

2. Basic Graduates Seal Infantry (Marine) (Cpl, Spc)
a. Still classified as enlisted
b. Greater ranking increase possibilities
c. May apply for leadership roles
d. May apply for Divisions
i. Submit request to Division leader
ii. Submit application on website for specific division

3. Non-Officer Leadership Roles (Sgt and above)
a. Recruiters
i. Submit request to Sil3nt Prophet
ii. Submit monthly or requested report to superior officer
iii. Must be (Msgt) rank
b. Media Coordinators
i. Submit request to Tactikal Binky
ii. Submit request to Sil3nt Prophet
c. Assets Coordinators
i. Submit request to Tactikal Binky
ii. Submit request to Sil3nt Prophet
d. Fire Team Leader
i. Must be a (Sgt) rank
ii. Must submit request to division leader
e. Must have all leaders friend-ed on xbox live as well as battlelog
f. Must have Mic

4. Division Officers (Lt and above)
a. Approved by commanding officers
b. Minimum K/D 1.5
c. Minimum age 18
d. Leadership class
e. Must have Mic
f. Submit monthly or requested report to superior officer

5. Commanding Officer (Capt and above)
a. Appointed position
b. Age 18 +
c. Submit monthly or requested report to superior officer
d. Active (Meetings / online)
e. Must have Mic


Lead by SLP CaptMichael (Gen)
2nd in Command – Sil3nt Prophet (Maj)

Seal Teams:

Lead by highest ranking officer: Elite Special Forces. Strength comes from combining our divisions to generate an elite group to represent the platoon in battles and scrims. Seal teams are to be generated by division leaders appointing their top members to be subjected to review. Approval will come from commanding officers.

Seal Team Alpha:

Seal Team Beta:

(4) Divisions
Lead by a Lieutenant

Aviation: Elite Air Force Specialists providing superb air support & recon / protecting ground units from enemy air / armored vehicles

Steel-Clad: Elite Armored Specialists responsible for providing armor vehicle support for taking objectives

Blast: Elite Marine Specialists responsible for assaulting & defending objectives / controlling map

Marauder: Elite Recon Specialists responsible for support deploying platoon / spotting enemy personnel and vehicles

Lead by Sergeant Majors

2-4 Squads within a battalion
In the absence of a commanding officer battles and scrims will be led by the SgtMaj in charge. Execution of this role is crucial for increasing to officer level. Training leaders and overseers.

Lead by a Staff Sergeant or Master Sergeant

4 members
Squads are the work force of Act of Valor both on the Battlefield and within the organization. Its members are usually the ones recruiting and playing games. Members ranking from Private to Staff Sergeant will be the most common and thus being the actual face of Act of Valor on a day to day basis.

Fire Teams
Lead by Sergeant

2 members
Fire Teams are micro managed by a Sergeant within a game and are given a specific task by their squad, division, or platoon leaders.

***Confidential messages with concerns and issues are taken serious. Only send to Sil3nt Prophet. Leaders have weekly meetings to discuss such issues as well as on an urgent basis***

Thank you and Have FUN.

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Defensive Corps

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