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Platoon Presentation

RiLx Gaming is an electronic sport oganization aiming for high value gaming :) We got experience with ESL and many other games (CoD, LoL, etc)

- We seek for people who share interest in Co-Op multiplayer high skill games.

-We own TeamSpeak 3 .....

-We are going to update our website again ASAP (will be on got domain already)

-Livestreams and Facebook incoming

-We would like to create a gaming community full of kind and friendly people of all nationalities.

Just imagine ;) you want to play some really good game of BF3 ... u dont have friend to play with... so you just join on our TS3 and look to platoon ! and HOYA! 3 ppl to play with ! and lets do some action ! :)
!!! Feel free to invite any of your friend's I will be happy for everyone who can play somehow and can behave like adult person :) For RiLx Gaming ;)

Warsleen (platoon formed 22.2.2013)

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