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Online Combat Group (OCG) is a clan system designed to provide the right environment for the right players.

Combat Group 3 (CG3) is the branch of the Online Combat Group which focuses on recreation, rather than competition. Work with your squad, or work alone. This is your chance to represent the Online Combat Group without any pressure.

There are no entry/stat requirements, just click "apply" and you'll be accepted no questions asked The ONLY thing we ask is that you log in BF3 log to show your still active and read the messages ,info games thanks plus BUMP the Recruitment Threads

Platoon link here:

If you're able to, do wear the CG3 tag. That way we can build some notoriety. :D
After a short time some of you will be invited to join CG2 the competitive side if you do then you need to drop the CG3 so we can add more players thanks


The Online Combat Group is built around the platoon members. With that in mind, if you have any comments, suggestions or recommendations about how to improve the platoon, how it is managed, etc, (or just want to say how much you love us all) then let us know! You can leave a message on the platoon wall or on the wall of YonderStudent30. All points welcomed and we hope to get back to you with all due haste! Thank you :)

1. Friendship
2. Respect
3. Loyalty
4. Dedication
5. Teamwork
6. Wear the CG3 tag with pride

Your Co Leader UK Doodle197635

Remember folks, add your fellow platoon members on the battlelog and XBL to ensure you get to play with us all! Go to to easily add friends from the comfort of your browser or Check this list and add your to it

Thanks younderstudent30
See you on the battlefield!

Online Combat Group CG2

The link below is for ideas on weapon loadouts complete with index on terms I used.

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