Deer in memories <3
Tag: [Deer] Fans: 6 Created: 2014-05-18

Platoon Presentation

Platoon maden for all fans of leatherDeer aka IegitDeer aka lch_bin_nQQbiX . We all love this russian PuRe skiller and he gonna stay forever in our memories. Feel free to join
We all love You Deer, your Pure legit ownage is totally impressing all players from whole world.
No one has ever seen that unbelieveble skill like You have.
We all are here cause we want You to teach us how to get better in competitive game modes
An example of his pure legit ownage : (disslike pls)
Well . . . If You prefer IeatherM16 more than IeatherDeer You are welcome anyway. We just love russian skillers !
No one from us can handle his swuag. . . At least we want to be with him in one platoon to gain a bit of his skill (or some skill files... )


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