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here arises a comparision why BF3 is so much better than bf4, just post it on the feed, i will catch them all!


1 - BF3 works, BF4 not.
2 - BF4 is a shooter but you can NOT shoot while jumping
3 - you can NOT shoot while short falling downs in BF4
4 - you run in BF4 slower as a girl with to many shopping bags
5 - if you killed a guy in BF4 it shows only 1 sec after
6 - BF3 have the biggest maps ever in the BF history
7 - BF3 have Noshar Cannals for TDM
8 - ...because Metro isn't a DLC and its not all smashed up and ruined.
9 - BF3 have a COOP and Gunmaster mode
10 - BF3 dont need so much performance for the same graphic result
11 - in BF4 Vehicles you have sometimes reaload times you can go to toilet and come back and have 5 sec. left (they fixed it at some gunner positions - now its like BF3 - so still play BF3!)
12 - you cant see anything through visirs in BF4
13 - laying in the edge in bf3 and bf4
14 - if you post in BF4 a new rank on your battlefeed: WARSAW_ID_P_RANK15_NAME
15 - all COD kids in BF4 think BF4 is the best BF but they never play BF3
16 - if you have the skill to knife someone you get the kill. in BF4 the noob, which you knife, kills you!
17 - if you just damage a building with a RPG in bf3 and the outside walls collapsed, the enemys under it are death.
17 - and counting...

BF4 advertise is silly, in BF3 we had all before!

"Levolution" ... didnt we have falling down antennas in bf3, too?
"driving through walls with a tank" ... try it in BF3, it works!
"collapsed Buildings are NEW in BF4" ... you dont remember this? --->
... and after the building chrashes, all players are still on the server in BF3 ... ;-)


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