Nowhere Near Happiness
Tag: [NNH] Fans: 6 Created: 2014-12-23

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Stay low, go fast.
Kill first, die last.
One shot, one kill.
No luck, all skill.

Just a group of friends.
We are not active.

We can't do cw cuz Altarus and RedKing have had sex last night and Armen is always playing poker.
Mike always asks why is finished playing with people so much idiots.
Here the only normal player is Meteor.

Thanks for all guys <3

Support the BF3 Veterans Community -------> They want to reactive the BF3 competitive give your support joining them.

*The Dx wrote in their wall that made cw against us and won 2 to 0. This is ridicolous, NNH never did cw vs nobody.

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