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Platoon Presentation

Just post whatever you want to be fixed in Battlefield 4. Don't rage just tell what is bad and an option how it could be solved maybe DICE will listen (prob. not). Hoah what comment or idea is good so we can put the best together!

Fix it !

done [✓] fix blurry screen while EMP is active
done [✓] fix one-hit kill bug
done [✓] fix disappearance of crosshairs
done [✓] fix infantry glitch on Heli Superiority
done [✓] fix alignment of T-90 crosshairs
done [✓] fix SOFLAM glitch
done [✓] fix MAV glitch
done [✓] fix spectator glitch in Defuse mode
done [✓] fix permanent spotting of bomb carrier in Defuse mode
done [✓] add headshot indicator
done [✓] add platoons

done [ ] increase server tickrate!
done [ ] improve 3rd person view in jets
done [ ] fix the sound bugs
done [ ] balance the mAA
done [ ] reduce loading times
done [ ] buff Attack Helicopters
done [ ] buff Stealth Jets
done [ ] fix TV Missile bugs, flying through or explode without damage
done [ ] bulletproof glass in metro entrances
done [ ] NETCODE

Possible improvements:

-buff M1 Abrams (to slow)

Finally we've got a Battlefield 4 Platoon so feel free to join and invite your friends!


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