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Is Bullet Drop IRL?

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It's NEAR real life in Battlefield 3 how longer the distance.

There was a video once at ryandpahl 's youtube explaining it with different ranges.


LAZAR730 (couple posts above) posted the video already.
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2012-05-09 17:41
Betweenthelines said:
bullets don't drop in real life.
If you shoot in real life the bullet goes straight untill it leaves the planet and shoots out to space.
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urakkalahtaaja said:
Unholy_Kyono said:
I once had an alien knock on my door. Apparently when on firing excercises a few years ago I missed the target with my L85A1 and the bullet left the Earths atmosphere somewhere over Africa and proceeded to travel out of the solar system and into a neighbouring one (I had a little trouble translating him as he had four mouths, all where his arse should have been).

Apparently the offending round had smashed through his front window and shot the equivelant of a cat (he threw the corpse at my feet and that thing was NOTHING like a cat!).

I owe him around one hundred billion sdrimgs (which amounts to 50p) but he ain't getting it!
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Punch him in the chin. Its where his gonads are (Ballchinian reference from MIB 2 FTW!)
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There is no such thing as gravity, just the government keeping people from not flying its a conspiracy. Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway.
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2012-05-09 17:51
HogMaster007 said:
Shurikentenshi said:
No because gravity has no effect on bullets.
Neither does air resistance.
Being sarcastic.

It does affect RL, but like is said above it is exaggerated in Bf3.

In real life, the bullet drops faster and faster over time--gravity is acceleration, not a fixed rate.

In BF3 (with sniper rifles), the first second is realistic, and the second second of bullet drop is actually LOWER than in real life.

With assault rifles, the first second is exaggerated, the second second is accurate, and the third is lower than in real life.

Simplified; not exaggerated.
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2012-05-09 17:53
Dwel13R said:
there is bullet drop in real life. it is exaggerated in BF3.
no, it isn't. Actually BF3 makes it a lot easier on the shooter because it factors for nothing other than deviation and drop. IRL landing a shot at 1000m requires real skill and a mathematical mind not just luck.
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2012-05-09 20:50
MEATHOOK80 said:
g0merPieL said:
You want more realistic bullet drop? Ok, fine, let's also add in wind effect and since it's hard to make "wind" in a computer game just make it random every time you shoot. How do you think your sniping would go then?
I think they could do it. Have a randomly changing wind direction on the map with (physx enhanced) flags flapping all over the place which snipers would have to check before shooting. Or a device they need to check for wind speed and direction. I dont think it will take to much CPU power to factor in something like that. Would definately make the whole sniper factor so much more interesting and also maybe cut down on the 11-year-old derp with Barrett epidemic.

CPU wise it might not be a lot locally, but if you factor in client-side and server-side calculations, hit detection mechanics, etc. it would add a lot of overhead and create "lag". Maybe in future technology.
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DR0PB0SS said:
xKronicKILLERx said:
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cod is more realistic, bullets are lazors !
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SomethingWeird said:
Gravity is not real.
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