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xbox - more friendly clan matches.

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Hey guys we are looking for teams/ clans to play on the Xbox platform. We are just learning the ropes when it comes to competitive games, but always enjoy a challenge. We can accommodate most game types, just ask.

We would.prefer if these matches were euro based, but we do have a pretty big USA/Canada contingent in the clan who would.probably be happy to play some matches too.

All we ask is for fair play and preferably to.set the matches via battlelog.

Hit me up if interested and we can work out details.


Btw a big thanks to the clans we played from the previous post.
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2012-09-24 17:07
Im the leader/founder of Disasters Finest im interested in a 4v4 or 6v6 this Saturday but all our members are from *America* hope thats not a problem if it is then hope you like the free bump

we looking for a core match no hardcore

We have our own sever if that helps

check us out []

1 question which clan is it that's looking for the match
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2012-09-24 17:21
we are the platoon (912) Nine Twelve
would take up all offers on a 12v12 clan conquest match through battlelog create matches
add me to organize match jediwardude
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2012-09-24 19:08
Over 30's Clan Dizast3r.

Beinf from America is not an issue as such, it's just that as a rule the Euro guys have lag issues on US Servers and the US lads have issues on the Euro servers, also the times are often a problem.

That said I will contact our American contingent and garner some interest for you. what game type are you looking for?

Jedi, I'll be in touch mate.

Anyone else interested just hit me up.
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5-8 vs 5-8 people clan match msg.
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2013-03-19 00:14
We can set something up.
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