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2012-05-19 17:07
603 company is a fairly new platoon and is now looking for some practise scrim matches. We are looking to start small with 4v4 or 8v8 for now. We mainly play Conquest at the moment but could always have a TDM clan war in the near future. We play to EST time and have our own server to use if needed.

If your clan is also fairly new or just starting then add me on battlelog and get in touch and we can arrange a scrim (un-ranked) match. We are not looking to play any experienced clan's yet as we are still learning the basics and getting to grips with our new players in the clan.

Anyway, just get in touch if you are interested and we will take it from there!


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2012-05-19 18:32
No your platoon is crap

INB4LOCK anyway!
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2012-05-20 11:52
Wanna do a 6vs6 or maybe 8vs8 later today? if so pm me or give us a shout @, []

We are a Portuguese Platoon with 10 active members and a european based private server, we're always looking for other platoons for some friendly matches :) we mostly play conquest but rush or tdm is not out of the question.


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2012-07-14 22:23
im part of a clan called TFX we would like to start meeting more clan's if any of your clans want a match add me , so we can get something arranged....cheers
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2012-07-14 22:36
hmu for a scrim tonight, xbl o improv, 8v8 maybe 12's later tonight, looking for a scrim and we have a west server
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2012-07-15 01:00
Kompany 008 are looking for platoons to scrim against on a regular basis, sportsmanship is an integral part of our play style (no spawn trapping or cheap tactics) anyone who is interested please contact us on out page. Im from the xbox platoon but there are pc and ps3 platoons also
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2012-07-15 02:04
I'll scrim anyone tonight... I can do a 4v or a 5v5.
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2014-07-01 18:49
I still play BF3 is there any clan to which i can apply?
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2016-03-09 18:18
Newfoundlanders NFLD are looking for new recruit s join us and when is the clan wars
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2016-03-11 13:57
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