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BoW looking for clan crim PS3

Enlisted: 2012-03-12
2012-06-10 01:38
we are loking for a 12v12 scrim match rush or CQ.we normaly play at night and would like to setup a match on a sat or sun around 7pm pacific time if u r interested friend me here or on PSN and let me know
US Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-06-12 10:52
Part of the burner clan and we are always up for a challenge Sat or sun sounds good I will get with the rest of my Plattoon if they accept
NO Enlisted: 2013-11-15
2015-04-26 12:08
Yo... We are also looking for a clan to have a fifth with.. But we are using bows... Maybe set up for one with guns & one with bows?? Cheers!
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Thread is locked.