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[BUG] Operation Gillotine Second MG Nest

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2013-03-28 01:14
After my Origin piece of sh... updated the fourth time and I stumbled over this bug as well I'll stop buying that stuff... I'm not a multiplayer fan and the single player campaigns are getting worse and worse. Maybe I'm getting too old for this, but the game manufacturers seem to have an attitude. There is a single player campaign, it's advertised, it must work.
No more Origin for me, no more Battlefield franchise for me.
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2013-04-04 14:46
All do like this it worked for me! So where's the MG nest don't do anything wait until one marine blows the shit out of the mg nest and Done!
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2013-04-09 13:47

Move past the bugged nest and continue as normal.
A marine NPC will chuck a grenade in the building window when you move up the stairs.
Move through the building into the room and wait for your allies to stack up at the door.

IMPORTANT: You have to interact with the closed door to open it instead of waiting for an NPC to (which is what I was previously doing ¬¬)

Enjoy ;p
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2013-04-26 08:02 , edited 2013-04-26 09:11 by ShaDiTy
I've passed this problem(second nest)

I try reload checkpoint many times but it's not work.
then I try to restart mission and it work! but I died after that. after reload checkpoint, it stucked again :( and try to reload checkpoint many times.
I try to restart mission again and it work again!

I think it should be pass without reload checkpoint (or without died), and I think this problem cause from reload data has something wrong.

CONFIRM! it's work! 100% for me.
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2013-04-26 09:15 , edited 2013-04-26 09:17 by IssacSpace
For those of you are still having problems.

This not a COD game where you can throw a grenade at an impossible distance and with an incredible accuracy.

You must get a proper distant and the angle of throw right in order to succeed.

I wouldn’t call it a bug.

Don’t run to the first MG nest like a headless chicken.

You need to follow the orders. Once the order is given to lob/toss/throw a grenade, move to the nearest rock cover.

First MG nest.

If you have hand grenade, move close to the MG nest and throw one grenade inside the sandbox.

If you missed, wait and hide behind the rocks. The NPC will throw one. Keep the NPC alive by popping up and shoot the enermy NPC from killing your NPC.

If you have more grenades you can try your luck. Reserve one grenade for next MG nest.

Once first MG nest destroyed, move to the next MG nest and do it again as the above steps.

If your NPC is dead or your out of grenades, re-start again.
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2013-04-26 09:18
SovRain said:
I've got this bug too, trying multiple restarts to try and fix. It amazes me that they have released two DLC packs and can charge you an extra £40 for the DLC alone with a straight face, and yet they can't patch what is supposed to be a AAA game. Bad form.

Got past it and I'm now in front of the bank and when I put the javelin down to use my assault rifle it disappeared completely, which would be fine, except I still had another tank to destroy.

Thats because nobody gives a fuck about the singleplayer. It was just slapped on there for no reason. Everybody only plays multiplayer.
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2013-04-27 11:03
If you died before complete the 2nd MG nest objective,
you may counter this bug.

1. Restart this mission.
2. Make sure not to die before complete the 2nd MG nest objective.
3. Just shoot the enemies on 2nd MG nest to make sure your NPC partner can throw grenade on 2nd MG nest.
4. Normally, the 2nd MG nest objective will complete
5. If you died before complete the 2nd MG nest objective, please try again this solution again from step 1.
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2013-05-01 18:56
Picked this game up in the recent sale. This mission and the second MG bunker was busted for me too.

What worked: Skipping that waypoint, going up to apartments and waiting for the NPCs to grenade the building until the door opens, then progressing/pushing forward into building.
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2013-06-23 08:40 , edited 2013-06-23 08:41 by Trupsterful
I am stunned that a company can release a game with such a catastrophic error. I mean are these people so thick that they don't even test their game before releasing it? So pathetic it's unreal. Should be ashamed. This is you're game. [] Works perfectly.
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2013-07-19 00:18
wtf, I cant get passed this stupid mission cause of that damn mg nest. and the odd time it does get fragged, I just die after...
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2013-07-31 20:24
For the wall bug, I know 2 solutions :

- Shoot one of your team mates until the mission fails (I did it on the guy that has to put me on the wall), then the mission restarted and it was fixed.
- Close the game, restart your computer and restart the mission (it should correct the problem with the script or something).
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2013-08-01 12:27
And to think, my friends still wonder why I haven't bought premium, or bothering to purchase BF4. (note; Already got the platinum.) Only play it still as I have a few friends left on the worthless pos. Mission is still bugged by the way.
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2013-08-14 21:11
Fixed :-) at least for me..normal difficulty ps3 premium's a corrupt save file .all you have to do is not die before cursed mg nest :-) cuz if you die once it will reload and you will spawn in the canal and then there''s the play from the very begining of the mission don't die and let the ai soldier throw that granade on to the second mg nest..that's all :-) hope it works for ya
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2013-09-01 06:36
You'd think they'd pick this up in playtesting.
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2013-09-25 20:30
I was able to pass that area by NOT shooting the tangos in the apartment. It's fragged by a NPC and the door does blow open after 2 frags.
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2013-09-26 02:06
I guess there are certain soldiers who have to perform the clearing of the MG-nests. Make sure noone dies, that should fix it.(I know that's hard and shouldn't be the final solution to this problem.
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2013-10-03 21:00
My solution:

- Kill 1st MG nest with guns

- Wait for for my ally to send a nade to re-destroy 1st MG nest.

- Sprint to reach the rocks at the left of the 2nd MG, WITHOUT SHOOTING ANYBODY

Allies will pop up from behind the MG nest, and clear it for you. I don't remeber if I had nades left (I think I did)
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2013-10-05 01:00
i found out that u have to get all the way to the checkpoint after the mg nests without dying in order to get past that part. If u die any where before that u have to restart the level via pause menu.
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2013-10-16 22:59
ya guys i got an solution for this which worked for me :)

so what u have to do is after ur marine has frag the first mg then another red indicater comes up here what u should do is dont kill the enemies at all... just try hiding near the wall of first mg so that those snipers wont kill yew..... just wait there for 15 to 20 secs .. your marines should have kill the enemies and frag the mg also :) hope this helps... nd helped me :)
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2013-10-16 23:34
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