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Bad Company 2 PC Windows 10 Crashing (2016)

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2016-02-04 10:46
Hey Guys;

is anyone else experiencing crashing running BC2 with WIndows 10.
I am running the game with admin rights on, without origin. the game freezes and i have to ctrl+alt+del to get out of it.
It been happening ever since i upgraded to windows 10

i5 4690k
R9 280x
8GB Ram
Z87X-OC i5 4690K @ 3.9ghz 16 GB Ram 8GB R9 390x Strix Corsair 750W PSU
FR Enlisted: 2013-02-19
2016-02-13 23:41
yes same here, running fine in dx9 but i got a lot of stutters...
crashing all the time in dx10/11, i don't know what to do...
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2016-02-18 08:05 , edited 2016-02-18 08:23 by xwize
Getting same issue here. WIndows 10 64bit.

Did some digging.

Lots of other people over at reddit having the same issue: [] [] []

Seems to be broken for many people on WIndows 10. Seems to be an issue affecting DX10 and DX11 on Windows 10.
Workaround is to use DX9 but obviously the game looks worse (and yes I get some slight stuttering too in DX9)

Are the devs still patching the game?
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2016-02-22 12:20
Have you tried an older driver?

I know that 355.60 driver works if you have a Geforce card.

Use "Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)" to remove the current drivers first []
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