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do others feel the same?

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so this happened to me while i was on a op locker...i was in a gunfight with the server owner, i run out of ammo on my ar, while he is closing on me with his hefty lmg. in split second descision i whip out my paddles and play ping pong with his heart, he gets startled and i succesfuly zap him. two seconds later the guy kicks me...i talk with him and he say that you dont do that kind of *thing* and that its a dirt bag move...i tell him that what he did is a dirt bag move, kicking someone who un-revived him.

thoughts, opinions?
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2016-06-16 22:41
Hahaha... sounds like the owner was very butt hurt to say the least.
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2016-06-16 22:51
Edited your post OP as we do not allow Profanity, even when letters are omitted..

As for your post about the admin.. That is what is now known to be a "badmin".

Usually they end up paying for an empty server if they continue to run it badly as your example has highlighted.

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ok, thnx mod

edit...i doubt his server will empty, since its one of the few big op lock servers
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butthurt badmin
new nickname copyrighted
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2016-06-17 04:16
Haha thats sucks, but its happens. It reminds me of the badmin from bff's "and- you're banned"
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2016-06-17 04:25
Server owners can be unfair and unsporting. What you did was allowed in the game so was fine. For him to call you a dirt bag and ban you for a great move was uncalled for. I would not be visiting that server again. I play mostly Dice servers- no issues with playing with whats allowed regardless what unsporting players think.
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2016-06-17 04:37
Agrieas said:
Haha thats sucks, but its happens. It reminds me of the badmin from bff's "and- you're banned"
"come by next week for repair tool only!"
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2016-06-17 04:48
Looks like you ran into a thug running a bf server.

I and a group of friends had the distinct pleasure of playing in a "mature friendly server" (as described by the server messages), all of us knew that this was code-word for "we're passive aggressive admins that will abuse you!" We decided to have a little fun with them and mess with them in chat and utterly destroy their 12 man stack of suck ups, wanna-be-admins and other passive aggressive people that were real losers. They got one win on us on parcel storm, which is probably the worst map in the game and most ugly, but out of the 5 games or so we stayed on that server we won 3/5 games (one loss by a mere 30 tickets, I call that a draw).

I always like to play around with abusive admins, they're fun to mess with.
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