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At CLIENT-L we believe in equality for all members, furthermore, we have always strived towards attaining perfection in every facet of our organizational structure, and also towards our squadrons interests. We have always tried to build CLIENT-L as a gaming community more than just a squadron that attempts to achieve victory. After relentless efforts from our administration in CLIENT-L we are more than just a squadron after passing through the evolution of gaming, we are a group of great friends that hang out whether it be in real life or via the internet gaming site.The reason we play Battlefield's series is because it requires us to incorporate extensive teamwork into our gaming experience. We like to base our foundations on real world style strategies, including real world discipline mirroring the armies format. Finally, we believe we can both profit from each other in this and are open to any suggestions you may have on promoting each other. At CLIENT-L we believe the future is bright.

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