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Dangerous Engagement Assault Division

Hey everyone, Dangerous Engagement Assault Division (DEAD) is looking for more people to join us.

Here's my goal : Have a large platoon filled with like-minded gamers who can log on whenever, squad up, focus on teamwork via voice chat, and kill people. Simple

We aren't a hardcore clan, we just like to get online and have a bunch of friends ready to squad up and tackle servers. We focus on voice chat game play, which makes having a mic important, if not a necessity.

We use the built in party chat feature that is integrated with BF3, and it works pretty damn good. We talk shit, we swear, we make dirty jokes, we have a good fucking time.

Some of the best gaming experiences I've personally had were on older battlefield games with a good team that could join any server and make the difference. Teamwork, communication, tactics, leadership, the works.

Another goal: have enough people online, all the time, to justify a DEAD Platoon vent server.

Nothing serious here, just a bunch of gamers that like to have fun, enjoy a team chat experience, and we definitely hold our own.

Sound good? legit

Send me a friend invite, or apply

DEAD Platoon, Ronin525

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