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I have created a platoon for players over levle 15 to join. Join xX DELTA ALLIANCE Xx today and become a part of a
good platoon that looks forward not back. To join you have have to play by the platoon rules:

TEAMPLAYER- you must be a team player that helps the team/platoon move forward. give covering fire, give out amo
and midic boxes. this will help the platoon move forward in battle.

NICE GUY- all are platoon members are hear to have a good time playing BF3 and dont want to be shouted at.
All we ask is for you to be nice to people.

If you play by the rules you can join us at xX DELTA ALLIANCE Xx .
I am on battlelog most off the day so I will accept you as soon as possible. We are on PS3 and are UK based. So enjoy

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