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Welcome to Coffin Feeders Alliance. We are a pretty easy going and laid back clan that get online to have a good time gaming while at the same time playing the objective. Anyone is allowed to join the clan as long as you have a mic and are willing to work as a team. We are always looking for active members and do kick people from the clan if they go inactive unless they have talked to a leader.

So if you would like to join the clan hit up one of the leaders and find us online playing. I WOULD LIKE TO ASK THAT IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF CFA THAT YOU FIND US ONLINE AND GIVE US A SHOUT OUT BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR THE CLAN. We would be happy to have you as a member of CFA.

Clan Sever -

Founder - cool61561

PS3 Leaders:
1) notman05
2) teredman - PSN: WolfRitter
3) FreedomBeard

Also check out some Youtube channels from platoon members for some fun moments from our clan in random matches:

1) notman05 -
2) cool61561 -

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