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With the right members, this Platoon will be The Most Elite Special Forces on BF3.

If you have the talent and skills, want to be part of the best platoon on BF3, are slightly sociable and can work as part of a team and want to compete in platoon battles - join MI6.

After the first four applications I will hold trials to see if we are compatible as a team.

If you smoke drugs or drink alcohal, don't bother applying, only focused Elite soldiers wanted.

If you are racist you will be reported and banned from BF3.

Required Prerequisites:
Experience (rank 35+)
Ability to think tactically, obey orders and read your enemies next moves.

Preferred but not required:
1.5+ K/D
Positive W/L

N.B. Your Stats don't have to be anything spectacular, as often they aren't a true reflection of you as a player. Thanks

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