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This a page where founders and active leaders can challenge Other Clans to 12 v 12 Conquest/Rush and 4 v 4 Squad Rush.

Please post your upcoming games on the wall and follow up with the games winner and score.

If you want to join the ANZAC Platoons, just let me know on Battlelog:

If you want to join here to play Squad Rush, you need at least 4 members. If you want to join and play Conquest or Rush, you need at least 12 members.

Please, have your founder or most active leader join for contacts but no more than one person per team. When you contact me, just tell me who your contacts are and if you have multiple people that set up your games. Also please include what game modes you play the most.


[LBS] Leaderboard Syndicate
Contacts: II The Salt, ll TwiTcH
Games modes: Conquest & Squad Rush
Active: Yes

[ANWA] A New World Army
Contacts: FreedBlackdeath
Games modes: Conquest & Squad Rush
Active: Yes

[iDz] iDoliZe
Contacts: siloqy
Games modes: Conquest, Rush & Squad Rush
Active: Yes

[MOA] Men Of Action
Contacts: MaxStaceyAydan
Games modes: Squad Rush
Active: Yes

[SOR] Soldiers Of Rage
Contacts: xxPuRpLe FOXxx, godlikebot, orchidiot
Game Modes: Rush & Squad Rush Game
Active: Yes

[PGZ] Pacific Gamerz
Game Modes: Conquest & Squad Rush
Active: Yes



1. Both teams needs to be the in BF3 Menus - and not in a game. A map, server type and location needs to be decided upon before hand. Also what side each team will start on. RU or US.

2. While in the BF3 menus all teams need to squad up. (THIS IS A MUST!!)

3. The 6 squad leaders will then enter a party chat together and decide who will be the one picking the server and joining first.

4. Before entering any server all the squad leaders need to be friends with the person they decide will join the game first. THIS WILL ALLOW THE SQUAD LEADERS TO JOIN THE SERVER OFF THIER FRIENDS LIST AND PULL IN THE OTHER 9 PEOPLE ON EACH OF THIER TEAMS

5. Once in the game do not spawn in right away - first look at the teams and switch if you need to. NOTE: you may have to wait for the server to populate more before switching - so keep looking at the team list.

6. If a muppet or two do get in - have the clan members who didnt get in go into queue for the server and begin sending messages to the muppet to please leave (politeness helps!) - *clan members must be in queue for this to work properly*

7. If it takes a whole game to get the teams sorted out or to remove muppets that first game will have been a practice game and the battle will start in the next round - BUT if you are able to get all players sorted out on the first try without muppets then you should count the first game - unless agreed upon before hand

8. Have fun gaming! :)

**For changes to your Platoon info please contact myself**

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