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"Adapt, Lead, Overcome"

Platoon Leaders:

King Toph - Captain
Rich4rDFender - LT. Operations
Dleslie212 - LT. Recruting

[Obey] Code of Conduct:

I.) Respect Fellow Platoon Members
II.) Seek to Play with Platoon Members Whenever Possible.
III.) We are a team. Act like it.
IV.) Violations will be assessed and dealt with by platoon leadership.

Competitive Team Roster:

Fast Movers:
Rich4rDFender - *Team Lead*
xMCSx Sabotage - *XO*

King Toph - *Team Lead*

Ground Elements:
Dleslie212 - *Team Lead*


- Derek Doback

[Obey] Platoon Admission Requirements:

I.) Player must be active on XBox 360
II.) Player must be at least 18 years of age
III.) Player must have a working mic
IV.) Player must have a minimum SPM of 500
V.) Player must participate in Platoon events
VI.) Player must be active only with [Obey] multi-platoon membership is prohibited (with the exception of social platoons).
VII.) Application must be submitted through BF3 Battelog
VIII.) Player must participate in at least 5 games with [Obey] members on the official [Obey] server.

With the completion of / compliance with the above criteria platoon leadership will review your application and contact you directly should your application be approved at which time you will be asked to adjust your gamer tag to include the [Obey] tag.

Scrim schedule process- we like to keep scrims on Sundays @ 8pm est, but we may make exceptions if made in advance. Add and message SQAUNTOBEATINU or Rich4rDFender to set a date for the scrim.

Obey Recruiting Thread - Please bump when possible! - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654489846416823

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