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Platoon is open for everybody who likes to play the objective.
Play for fun in a group as a team.
Join the battle and fight together against the enemy.
Take all objectives and defend it with your life.
And we don't take hostages!!!


1: The platoon tag is SWAT, if you want to use it then use it, but you don't have to.
2: Play the fucking objective, play fair, have fun and be a good team player.
3: Check the platoon once a week.
4: if you want to post something, then it should be something about BF3 but i obliged not
5: Come online once a week or more
6: If you won't come online by some reason, then let it know to the platoon or members.
7: If it's possible, play with headset.
8: Don't switch team because your team is losing, if you hate losing then stop playing games.

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