99 Shadows
Plaque: [99S] Web: Site officiel Fans: 27 Créé: 22-04-2012

Présentation de la section

-Don't be a bitch about losing
-Must contribute to the the team by being a team player
-Must be 12 and up because I get tired of little kids
-Must be on at least 3 days a week
-You don't have to be s good in vehicles
-Know what your doing and don't get your allies killed
-Don't forget to become a fan
-Make clan tag to "99S"
-You could be the worst player and still be qualified
-Try to invite your friends to make this platoon grow
-Add me on PS3 Network: John99MGC and these other players: Pods21MGC, Edward25MGC, Vince00MGC, and goalieboy77MGC
If you meet the requirements, welcome to my platoon

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