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Thank you for reviewing this recruitment post for our Platoon, Phoenix Connexion .

It's time to start preparing for Armored Kill, the next expansion to Battlefield 3.

We are a casual band of United States Armed Forces active duty members who play to have a good time. We are currently looking to recruit all Class experts, as well as vehicle aces for the casual Platoon matches that we anticipate on having. We are based in the Armed Forces Pacific region, and we play out of Tokyo, Japan. However, we align our schedules to Pacific Standard Time.

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We plan to hold our friendly Platoon matches against our network of groups on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Games will be scheduled before noon (Pacific Standard Time). Afternoon and evening games will be considered if the majority of our players are better suited to play at those times. We will always plan our events around our members.

We are dedicated to playing Rush scenarios, and we are looking to fill our Platoon with players who have strong inclinations towards the following roles:

Aggressive Assault - M203/smoke equipped, provides cover for the advancing/defending force.
Assault Medic - Medical Kit equipped, provides combat Revives and heals the advancing/defending force.

Precision Engineer - Javelin/Repair Torch equipped, communicates with Laser Designating and provides precise anti-vehicle support.
Aggressive Engineer - SAW/RPG/AT Mine equipped, supports advancing/defending force by providing point-defense against lightly armored vehicles.

Suppressive Support - Light Machine Gun/Claymore/C4 equipped, provides advancing/defending force with suppressive fire and responsible for locking down key decisive points in objective-based scenarios.
Aggressive Support - Light Machine Gun/PDW/C4 equipped, assists advancing/defending force by ambushing vehicles.

Precision Scout - Sniper Rifle/Spawn Beacon/MAV equipped, provides precise covering fire for advancing/defending forces.
Utility Scout - Sniper Rifle/PDW/Spawn Beach/MAV equipped, provides friendly forces with surveillance support via MAV and decisive spawn points with Spawn Beacons.

All vehicle operators are needed. If you are applying as a dedicated vehicle operator, please mention your experience with that particular vehicle, and your stats will be reviewed.

=In-game Requirements=

Use of Platoon tags when skirmishing with the Platoon during public/private games.

Use of Camouflage; when playing in a public/private setting, we will announce the in-game UOD (uniform of the day).

Communications; an in-game microphone is a necessity to play among Platoon members, both in public and private games.

Complimenting Squad Specializations; please ensure that we are not stacking Specialization within our Squads.

=Out-Of-Game Requirements=

A self-introduction within the Platoon page :)!

Thank you for taking a look at our Platoon recruitment thread!


Is there a team server that we can play on?

Currently, yes. However, the server is due to expire soon, but the lease will be renewed within a few days after expiration.

Does this team participate in scrimmages?

Yes; when the server is not protected with a password, we leave it open to the public so that team members can join and play with other PHNX members against public players.

How do Squads operate in a given Platoon?

If we are scrimmaging in public, un-passworded games, we typically prefer that all of our members have their communication settings set to "Team", so that we can communicate with one another. During private matches, we wish that members keep their communications set to "Squad", and Squad Leaders have theirs set to "Team", so that there isn't any confusion as where the delegation is coming from.

What is this Platoon looking for in its members?

As mentioned above, we are looking for casual, friendly players who play for fun! We are not in the business of ordering member around or toting ourselves. We look for in-game and out-of-game attributes such as tactfulness, bearing, initiative, and integrity. These core values reflect our United States military.

Is there a minimum activity level?

No. You are not bound to this group after you have joined. You can come and go as you please, but we will do everything that we can to ensure that you know that you are welcomed, and that are a key player to our team.

Am I allowed to bounce between my current Platoons and join PHNX as I wish?


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