Onward Christian sldrs
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We started this Platoon and server because there just weren't very many Christian or Family Friendly server out there. All are welcome (just as long as you follow the rules).

We have joined forces with =NSDQ= Night Stalkers Don't Quit clan to bring you a TOTALLY AWESOME BF4 server!!!

Please register in our forums.

If you have a problem on our server then please let an admin know so it can be handled immediately, otherwise bring it to our website and let us know.
Feel free to join us. We have a 32 player, wide variety map rotation.

Server IP:
Server name: {OCS} onward Christian Soldiers

We also have a Ventrilo which is open to all, we just request that there be NO cursing in the G/ Pg Channel.
Ventrilo info:

Hostname: vent2.gameservers.com
Server Port: 4475

For a list of our rules, please visit out Website at: http://www.ocschristiangaming.com

Or you can click on the link above


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