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We play for fun Not to QQ just having fun if we lose a fight we lose it as men we dont QQ we are proud that we took a chance and we fighted for it!

Welcome to World Global Gaming

We are serious players who want to reach the top of the World.

Requirements for membership:
First That you COMMUNICATE during a match or training.
We do not care about stats, except that you should be able to work together!

2nd That you are friendly, social and want to win!
3rd Work together as a team during training or match.

First If you get into any clan who want to meet us, please send a message to the Founder / Leader!
2nd Deciding which server we'll be on during a match.
3rd Fill in our names until the list is full. First come first served.

We would Be Happy if you Used the tag WGG So people see us.

SERVER Rules !
Join Now World Global Gaming Server! conquest AK/ caspian border

No team killing or destroying friendly assets
► No Base Spawn Kill / Camping
► No Base Vehicle destroy / steal
► No attack uncappable grounds unless all other options are.
► If you shoot out of your spawn area, when a fellow player can shoot back in self defense.
► No cheating, glitching or STAT padding.
► Offensive language will not be tolerated -

► Always respect and listen to Clan administrators.
► Appealing Admin for action against players without factual basis will not be tolerated
► Complain an Admin or their decision will not be tolerated.
► Any person who is suspected of cheating will be dealt with at the discretion of a Server Administrator.
► Any decision that Server Admin will be final.
► Please report any issues or appeals ban ....


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