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We are AFO Outlaw, Call-sign 'Outlaw One'. We are all International personnel, mainly built from American and British personnel. More specifically, we're a branch of the Special Air Service and Severed Ties. Our main role in the Battlefield is Infiltration and neutralisation of HVTs. We operate covertly, but when shit hits the fan, we're prepared. We remain calm under pressure and can overcome any conditions you throw at us. We use a wide range of weaponry, including the Enemies' weapons if needed.
AFO Team Outlaw™. All information about us is highly classified, unless you are a member. To the opponents, we don't officially exist. What we can reveal is that we're an International Special Forces Group, mainly made up of British, American and Canadian military personnel. We are the most highly trained soldiers available on the Battlefield. You must be hand-picked by myself to enter this platoon.

This is the first and only Severed Ties created. I have rejected as of now, fifty-two applications. You can only apply if and only if I have hand-picked you.
- Microphones are required.
- Military Abbreviation Knowledge.
- Must Be Mature.
- Must be 16+
- Must Speak Fluent English.
- After Being Hand Picked, You Must Change Your Clan Tags to [STSF].

"Semper Latiferus." - Severed Ties Special Forces™ Motto.

'Semper Latiferus.' is Latin for 'Always Dealing Death.'

"As we walk through the shadow of the valley of death, we shall fear no evil. For we know we are the most baddest mother-fuckers in the valley." - Sgt. Urban to his three members of Severed Ties while walking through the Valley Of The King in Helmand Province with his Special Forces Team during Operation Snake-Head.
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