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Founder : ParagonGhost51
Leader : IchWIll-ERA, Dork_Shot, Duperserp ,Corvexation (kicked for changing emblem for no particular reason)
Welcome to the Platoon "Infantry-division

'iD' is the short form of Infantry-division and its tag.

The Platoon Infantry-Division consist of players from all over the world.

Everyone can join, so feel free to apply to join!
We don't have any requirement (necessary condition).
And we don't see your game ability.

But, you should notice the following rules
-Be polite and kind to everyone.
-Do not use bad language.
-Do not blame other people.
-Play fair.
Only these four rules you have to keep.Act carefully and please follow the rules.

If you want to leave a message in the platoon feed, try to post it in english as far as possible.
See you on the Battlefield

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